The “Rush” Has Been On!

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We’re excited about our new Vacation Bible School (VBS) program for 2012, IncrediWorld Amazement Park, because it will teach children the truth about God the Creator and His amazing creation! And the gospel will be presented to them.


We’re also excited about our current 2011 VBS program, Gold Rush, which has been used in thousands of churches this summer (about 3,000 VBS kits were obtained through AiG) and reached an estimated 250,000 children! Below is just one of the many testimonies we have received; it comes from an Indiana church that has been excited about the children’s reaction to the VBS content, most of all to see the spiritual results of Gold Rush.

Christy, the director of the VBS mentioned below, is a pastor’s wife and writer for AiG’s Sunday school Answers Bible Curriculum, which is scheduled for release in Fall of 2012. Answers in Genesis is committed to providing churches with solid, biblically sound, God-centered curriculum—for VBS as well as Sunday school. They present the gospel in a clear way to all ages. We pray that God will continue to use our efforts to equip churches to praise Him as we reach out to the next generation.


Our “Gold Rush” VBS was over-the-top great for me. The ton of work that went into the preparation was worth the multiplied blessings. I was the director, but honestly, I told God that since I didn’t have the time and didn’t know what I was doing, He would have to do it! I was just His assistant.

We had 23 children. I could tell you so many amazing stories about their reaction to the content of the curriculum. I taught the toddler/preschool Bible. So I’ll tell you one from that. Keep in mind that about 75% of these kids had never been to church before. On the first day, one 3-year-old was listening as he was told that Jesus loved him. He said, “I don’t know Jesus, but my mommy loves me.”

Well, by day four, this little boy and all the children not only knew Jesus, but loved Him. They were wide-eyed as I told about Jesus’s crucifixion, scooting closer and closer to me on their carpet circles. They gasped when I described the suffering Jesus endured and questioned me about it. Then they cheered and jumped up and down when I told Him Jesus is alive! When we taught them to spread the news like wildfire, one boy who had just turned three told another boy at his day care all about how Jesus was hurt in his hands and feet and died on the Cross “because he loves Evan and Jason and Mommy and Daddy so much.” I couldn’t believe it! He has just been three for a month, yet he even personalized the ending just as I did in the lesson.

We had a final program on Sunday morning and invited the parents, of course, to see their children receive their certificates and sing and say their verses. Would you believe 20 out of 23 children came and brought their parents! The little boy I first told you about kept turning around from the front row and saying, “My mommy is here. Look, my mommy is here!”

Of those parents that came, I know one dad, in particular, had never been in a church service before. He came to pick up his two preschool sons in the evenings. He would arrive during the last assembly. He was spotted crying once during the drama video. We’re following up with him. Another of the dads is [his “profession” is being deleted in order to help hide identities]. His son is 10 and had a blast. One dad is a drug addict/alcoholic. His son is going into first grade and loved being able to go to church for the first time in his life. We were all shocked that he was there Sunday morning. Another boy, new to church, is in 5th grade. His mom said he would come home each night and Google what he had just learned in VBS. She’s going to keep bringing him to church “as long as he’s interested.” She’s into Buddhism right now.

That’s a taste of what the Lord did in our midst..

Well, I just had to brag on the “Gold Rush” curriculum and the effect it had on my church. I believe the content of “Gold Rush” was so rich and biblical, that the Holy Spirit was able to move in our midst in a powerful way to change the hearts and lives of our staff and the children and the parents. God is so amazing! To Him be the glory. Who knows what the future holds for River Valley Community Church, but once again God has blessed us beyond our wildest dreams.



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