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It was a busy first day at the Home Educators Convention in Phoenix yesterday.  Over 2000 were in the audience for the first Keynote when I gave a presentation on the importance of believing in a literal Genesis and not compromising God's infallible Word with man's fallible word.  Here are a couple photos taken in the auditorium as I spoke:

Here are two of the hundreds of families at the Convention:

A photograph of me giving one of my presentations:

The AiG resources booth was extremely busy all day—we have already run out of some titles:

Today I give four more presentations.

Special Visitor

This week, we were pleased to welcome Dr. Greg Mazak, Professor of Biblical Counseling and Chairman of The Division of Psychology at Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina, to the Creation Museum.  Greg also pastors a conservative Bible church in the Greenville area—the church is using AiG’s VBS this coming week. During his tour he ran into four different AiG staff members who he had taught at BJU! It was a huge blessing for him to see first hand evidence that his “children were still walking in the light” at such a great culture confronting ministry as Answers in Genesis. It was my distinct pleasure to give him and his family a VIP backstage tour!

Greg brought his wife and three college daughters for their first Museum visit.  AiG board member Dan Wooster (also a professor at BJU) gave Greg and his family a guided tour—it was his 46th trip to the Creation Museum and his 36th tour he has given through the Creation Museum! Everyone asks Dan why he has given so many tours.  He replies, “I simply love the quality and clarity of the strong biblical authority and Gospel message that is the Museum exhibits communicate. And all the uses of computer technology are of course icing on the cake for me! I like others to be challenged biblically in how they think about God, Creation, The Fall and Salvation! The Museum avoids side issues and stays intentionally focused on ‘thus saith the Lord!’”

During our Mega conference held this past week, Dan gave his 47th Creation Museum tour to his former student and creator of SermonAudio.com, Steven Lee.

Here is a photograph of Dr. Greg Mazak and his family:

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