Severe Case of Intellectual Schizophrenia

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A homeschool mom from Georgia sent me a letter after reading our new publication Already Compromised (on the state of Christian colleges regarding how they treat biblical authority). What she wrote was so well stated, I had to share it with you—it is a challenge for every parent!

Dear Mr. Ham,

Let me begin by thanking you for the passionate and bold stance that you take to defend the authority of God’s Word! In an age where people would rather be popular than faithful, your example is a blessing and a challenge to other believers.

I have just finished reading your recent book, Already Compromised , and I wanted to write to you to encourage you to continue in your efforts to equip people (like my family) for the battle that is raging.

Though I was already aware that there is a lot of compromise of Biblical truths, I had no idea that it was to this extent! It saddens, shocks, and angers me all at the same time!

I am saddened for the young people whose faith is on the line and who have not been adequately equipped for the attacks that they will face, not only from the “world,” but now even from those that we have trusted to teach them Biblical truths!

I am shocked by the response of church leaders and parents who seem not to realize (or care!) what is at stake! It baffles me that parents go to such great lengths to provide their children with the best in tech. gadgets or the latest fashions – but when it comes to their child’s spiritual condition – there is a huge void! Do we not realize that a soul is eternal and that our time here on Earth is in preparation for that?

I am angered by those who claim to trust in God’s Word and follow Jesus, who instead rely more on man’s fallible word and who are leading young people astray in the process!

Based on the research in your book, it appears to me that there is a severe case of intellectual schizophrenia on Christian college campuses today! Presidents, professors, and the other faculty claim to believe in the inerrancy of Scripture, yet turn around and say that they disagree with key Biblical truths or that they embrace evolution, which is completely contrary to the Bible! There is an extreme dis-connect and it’s not only on college campuses, but sadly in the lives of believers everywhere!

How can people accept the idea of evolution and still think they have a faith worth committing their lives to? Our young people certainly see the inconsistencies and have decided not to commit their lives to Christ for this very reason! I believe their blood is on our hands if we are not equipped to share with them the truths of God’s Word and offer them intelligent answers to their very real questions!

One of the most disturbing things I see from your book is that those who seem to be the most passionate and committed to this battle are the evolutionists! They are fully engaged, and honestly, I think our apathy emboldens them even more! I expected that they control the secular academic arena, but was shocked to see that even in “Christian” colleges, they are gaining more & more ground!

As I read your book, the same thought continued to plague my mind: Believers today are not discipled! True disciples recognize who Jesus really is and know His Word! Parents have failed to disciple, churches have failed to disciple, and now even Christian colleges fail to produce disciples! There must be a return to the simple, yet profound task of making disciples!

As a parent, after reading this book, I am even more determined to teach my children the incredible, inerrant, infallible, life-giving, & glorious truths of the Word of God! I want to be sure that the foundation I am laying is firm and not faulty! At times, in my role as a homeschool mother, I have not been as diligent as I have needed to be to address the Creation/Evolution debate and prepare my children for our culture’s biggest battle. I realize now that I need to go back and reformulate my homeschool agenda this year to make sure that, precept upon precept, God’s Words are laid in the hearts of my children (and in myself) so that we will be able to stand firmly on the Bible and offer hope to those who are in doubt.

Thank you for reminding me of the craftiness of the deceiver and for again bringing the challenge before me. My prayer is that God will continue to give you the boldness and the wisdom that you need as you call believers back to reliance upon the Scriptures alone for all things.

Blessings in Christ, C.N., Georgia

You can obtain Already Compromised on the online store.

Galapagos Adventure—Day 12

Today Dr. Georgia Purdom of our staff posted another blog entry from her adventure in the Galapagos Islands. Here is an excerpt:
Yesterday we spent the day exploring Santiago. For our first exploration we landed on a black beach and were surrounded by places where the ocean had worn away the surface of the island exposing multiple rock layers. I am guessing the layers represent past volcanic eruptions on the island. We once again hike through lava fields, but here the lava (as it has been on the past several islands) is not sharp and pointy, but smooth and named Pahoe-hoe (Hawaiian word for “ropy”) lava. We see a sea lion, lava lizard, painted locust, American oystercatchers, and marine iguanas.

The waves here are quite powerful and have eroded parts of the lava field under which we are standing. The action of the waves has created fantastic lava bridges and small inlets where the water rises and falls with the waves. The beauty of this place is breathtaking, and this is one of my favorite places on the islands. The water is crystal clear, so we soon see a big Galapagos green turtle, and I finally get a good picture! We also spot several Galapagos fur seals. They are really not seals but a type of sea lion that is smaller and tends to stay in the water more than the Galapagos sea lion. We take the opportunity for a group photo on one of the lava bridges before we leave.

Visit Georgia’s blog post to read more and see some photos from her trip.

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