Less Christian Every Day—What Is Wrong with the Church?

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New York recently legalized “gay” marriage. This is only the latest in a long list of how America has been turning its back on biblical authority:

  • In 1962, school prayer was ruled unconstitutional.
  • In 1963, Bible reading in public schools was ruled unconstitutional.
  • In 1973, restrictions on abortion were lifted, and abortion clinics began to permeate the nation (Roe vs. Wade).
  • In 1985, nativity scenes in public places were ruled to violate the so-called “separation of church and state.”
  • In 2003, laws against homosexual sodomy were ruled unconstitutional.
  • In 2004, a federal court held it was unconstitutional for a school to teach intelligent design theory as an alternative to evolution.
  • And of course, in the past few days, the New York legislature legalized “gay” marriage—it joins many other states now.
  • The list goes on . . .
Yes, America is becoming less Christian every day, and a recent survey confirms this. An article on the Christianity Today website includes these comments about the recently done survey:
Are U.S. evangelicals losing their influence on America? A new poll released Wednesday from the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life seems to say just that, with the vast majority -- 82 percent -- of U.S.evangelical leaders saying their influence on the country is declining. . . .

"There was a time when there was a Ten Commandments in every classroom, there were prayers in public places," he [Rev. S. Douglas Birdsall, executive chairman of the Lausanne Movement] said. "So having gone from that position of considerable influence, even though we might actually have more influence than churches in ... other parts of the world, the sense is that it's slipping from our hands."

The perception of declining influence comes as the nation has become both more pluralistic and more secular. The vast majority of U.S.leaders surveyed -- 92 percent -- called secularism a major threat to evangelical Christianity. . . .

The Southern Baptist Convention, which drew the smallest attendance since World War II at a recent meeting in Phoenix, and is grappling with declining baptism rates, has launched a plan to diversify its leadership.

The article quotes various Christian leaders and what they believe needs to be done. However, not once is there any suggestion that the major problem is the loss of biblical authority in our churches. Here’s what I’ve noticed:
  1. So many church/Christian leaders compromise God’s Word in Genesis and thus opening the door for the next generation to walk away from God’s Word.
  2. That churches and Christian colleges are not teaching apologetics to raise up generations to stand on the authority of God's Word and be able to defend the Christian faith.
  3. Two thirds of our young people are leaving the church by college age because of compromise by Christian leaders and the lack of teaching apologetics plus other reasons (the research detailed in our book Already Gone found out why and when this is happening).
I believe the research reported in AiG’s two major books Already Gone and Already Compromised together really summarize the major problems in Christendom that have led to the demise of Christianity in England and across the United Kingdom and Europe—and are leading in the same direction in the USA.

I urge you to obtain these two books for your pastors and every Christian leader you know (even the elders, deacons, and Sunday school teachers in your church). The more we can get Christian leaders to understand the foundational nature of the problem, the more eyes are opened and vital changes can be made.

You can read the rest of the CT article at this link.

You can find out more information about Already Gone and Already Compromised—and how to order—on our online store.

Galapagos Adventure—Day 13

Today Dr. Georgia Purdom of our staff posted another blog entry from her adventure in the Galapagos Islands. Here is an excerpt:
Yesterday morning we took a panga ride around Black Turtle Cove off the coast of Santa Cruz. It was nice to ride instead of walk for a change! The highlight of the trip was the blue-footed boobies and their amazing ariel display. There were hundreds of them just floating on the water as we came around a corner in the cove. Within moments as if responding to some unknown signal, they all took flight, flew a short circle in the air, and then dive-bombed back into the water to capture their prey. It was incredible to see so many of them doing it at once! I was thrilled to be able to capture it on my little video camera.

Among the mangroves our naturalist points out a striated heron. He blends in so well with the scenery that he’s even hard to see in the photo! We also see an Olive Ridley turtle and several baby white- and black-tipped sharks, but it is difficult to take photos of through the reflection on the water.

Visit Georgia’s blog post to read more and see some photos from her trip.

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