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AiG’s powerful, biblical authority based, evangelistic, and apologetics-oriented Vacation Bible School (VBS) programs are becoming more and more popular with churches/Christian groups and so on. So many people have told us they loved how “meaty” these programs are for kids. Many have testified they have seen more kids commit their lives to the Lord than they have seen in years. Even many adults become interested in hearing what is taught to the kids—some adults even have been saved as a result! This year’s program Gold Rush will be used in over 4,000 churches (around a quarter million children, plus many thousands of adults), with last year’s program Egypt File used in many others.

Now—Get Ready for IncrediWorld!

And, it’s time to plan for an incredible time at VBS next summer! So strap yourself in and get ready for the ride of your life with the newest Answers VBS program for 2012—IncrediWorld Amazement Park: A Thrill Ride through God’s Creation!

With AiG’s newest VBS, your kids will learn the truth about God’s incredible creation!

Sadly, our children grow up in a world where they hear the same lessons about God’s creation everywhere they look—that it’s not God’s world but is instead the result of a big bang and millions of years of random processes. Movies, TV programs, and books all teach that the incredibly designed animals we see today are simply the result of molecules-to-man evolutionary processes. God has no place in this fictional account and our children are left wondering if the Bible is really true since it teaches that “in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1)!

At IncrediWorld, we want to give God the glory He deserves for who He is and what He has created! Your kids will learn that the Bible tells the truth in Genesis about God creating all things in six actual days. And they’ll be amazed to discover the incredible design features in animals that showcase the handiwork of the Creator! We’ll even spend a whole day learning the truth about some of God’s most incredible creations—dinosaurs!

The most important reason why we want to encourage kids to trust the Bible is so they’ll embrace the salvation message woven throughout each book. Our desire is that they’ll understand their sin separates them from a loving God, but He has provided a way to heaven through His Son Jesus Christ—so that they’ll receive the gift of eternal life!

IncrediWorld marks the fifth Vacation Bible School program that Answers in Genesis has developed. And, in my opinion, each year has gotten better and better! Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it—check out what people are saying about this year’s VBS program, Gold Rush:

The Gold Rush curriculum is excellent. Thank you for caring for children enough to tell them the truth and not just try to entertain them for a week. (Pat S.)
GOLD RUSH! Awesome, awesome Bible school material! Thanks AiG for writing such Gospel-centered and apologetic curriculum! We really enjoyed Gold Rush and our kids and adults are going to grow spiritually as a result of it. Thanks again, AiG, and we can hardly wait to see what 2012 VBS will be! (Allison T.)
We are loving the Gold Rush this year. Here's a message I got from a parent: Whatever you did for VBS tonight . . . keep it up. My kids came charging through the door just buzzing about how great it was! My child said to me, "Mom, that was the best time I've had in VBS HISTORY!!" Thanks for all your hard work!! :)  (Ali H.)
Our kids are having a blast this year! They are loving the message, the games, snacks, crafts, and the music & skits. We teachers are really enjoying the message also along with everything else. The kids are getting it & you can tell b/c they are asking questions & wanting to know more. (Melissa B.)
The following are some photos from the test church using the new IncrediWorld VBS program, which were taken last week:

To find out more about IncrediWorld, visit tomorrow!

Galapagos Adventure—Day 9

Today Dr. Georgia Purdom of our staff posted another blog entry from her adventure in the Galapagos Islands. Here is an excerpt:
Yesterday was the first of several days we will spend visiting Isabela. It is one of the youngest islands with five active volcanoes. On the panga ride to the island in the morning we spot more Galapagos penguins. My daughter Elizabeth loves penguins, so I try to take a lot of pictures. That’s not an easy feat from a moving panga filled with people! Our naturalist tells us that many of them are cleaning themselves after eating. They are fun to watch swimming and diving and floating along in the water.

We arrive on Isabela and begin our walk through a lava field. The lava is very rough and pointed. Our naturalist tells us it is called Aa lava (pronounced “ah-ah”). Aa is the Hawaiian word for “hurt,” and just looking at the lava makes me think this term is very appropriate! The green and white crusty substance on the top of the lava is lichens. The landscape here stands out in stark contrast to what we have see seen on the older islands.

Visit Georgia’s blog post to read more and see some photos from her trip.

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