Teaching the Truth Amidst a Sea of Lies

by Ken Ham

Today I am giving my final presentation (the last of five) for the homeschool conference in Greenville, SC. While at these conferences, we often visit various exhibits to see what is being offered for sale to the homeschoolers.  Invariably we find a “sea” of material that presents evolution and millions of years as fact. Here are some examples from some of the exhibit booths at this conference (by the way, there are some excellent materials offered to homeschoolers from quite a number of exhibitors, including AiG):

Twenty five years ago I wrote a book (which is still selling very strong) called, The Lie.

Over the years, I have seen the lie of evolution and millions of years pushed even more by the secular world. It is so sad to see this pagan religion that tries to explain life without God so infiltrating the church. More and more organizations are being formed and more books printed by people—even within the church—to try to get God’s people to reject Genesis as literal history, and thus undermine the authority of God’s Word. No wonder we are losing the next generation from the church. For instance, even at this homeschool convention, there are a number of people (including speakers) that are associated with the extremely liberal Biologos Foundation—an organization that is dedicated to trying to get people in the church to believe evolution and millions of years as fact. And now they are embarking on producing homeschool curriculum—such as that from Dr. Peter Enns who spoke at this conference.

But at the same time, I praise God for the opportunity, that even in this sea of lies permeating our culture, I am able to teach the truth of God’s Word to many. Here is a photograph of me presenting at one of the sessions yesterday:

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