From Old Earth Compromise Back to Biblical Authority

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We have heard many testimonies over the years of Christians who had compromised the Word of God (thus undermining its authority), but have had their eyes opened and recognized that they needed to return to biblical authority—as a result of being influenced by the AiG ministry. Sadly, many Christian leaders (pastors, college professors, seminary professors, etc.) have taken the pagan religion of the age (evolutionary humanism) to explain life without God, and they use such a belief to be in authority over God’s Word. This testimony we received this week reveals how God’s people need to return to biblical authority:

I was an old earth creationist because it just seemed to make good sense. After some reading, I was inspired enough to work a full day's visit to the Creation Museum into my vacation plans. All my foundations cracked and now I am firmly a believer in the 6, 24-hour day, literal creation, as the Bible clearly teaches.  “The issue is undoubtedly the authority of Scripture as it clearly speaks. Though many others may think me a fool to ignore what seems to be ‘reasonable,’ I cannot help but to accept God's Word on faith. When something contradicts the Word, I can't be swayed by the ideas of men.”

– M.S., Kentucky

Answers for Uganda

One of our long-time ministry friends is a PhD (biochemistry) scientist, Dr. Eric Norman, who lives not too far from us in Cincinnati. Eric has been on five mission trips to Uganda since 2003, supporting needy children in that African nation. (His son, by the way, is doing his own humanitarian and ministry work in a communist country, located in a different part of the world.)

Dr. Norman wrote to us recently about where our New Answers Book popped up—in a class for Ugandan pastors!

Hi Mark,

I thought you'd find the attached picture of interest, noting Ken Ham's latest “Answers Book.”  Our team leader, unscripted and unplanned, happened to take this shot as I was teaching a class to pastors on Buvuma Island, Uganda. I was surprised to find that missionary George Smith there has a copy of Ken's book in his personal library, and he graciously let me use it for the class.

Also, Pastor Alfred of Nile Baptist Church, in Jinja, has visited the Creation Museum. He says that evolution was becoming a problem in Uganda, and that pastors needed the truth of creation.  This was the first time a specific class on creation was scheduled for pastors.

I had used creation handouts in the past, including some booklets that you provided.  We also gave out many AiG booklets, and flood and dinosaur cards.

Thanks for helping spread God's truth to the “ends of the Earth.”

In Christ, Eric  [Dr. Eric Norman]

Find out more about Dr. Norman’s work overseas on this website:


Charge Joshua, and encourage him and strengthen him

(Deuteronomy 3:28)  But charge Joshua, and encourage him, and strengthen him: for he shall go over before this people, and he shall cause them to inherit the land which you shall see.

We would like to go into all the world to preach, so we send missionaries in our place; we not only support them, but charge, encourage, and strengthen them with prayer.

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