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“‘Move On’ From Evolution-Creationism Debate?”—No, It Is Heating Up!

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There was an article published in The Tennessean newspaper and also on the USA Today news website recently; in the article, a writer—described as a “young evangelical,” Rachel Evans—has authored a book in which she is reported as having “chronicled her personal journey” from supposedly being a creationist to now embracing evolution.

In the article entitled,  “Young evangelical writer: 'Move on' from evolution-creationism debate,” this author is quoted as stating:

"I was taught that if you don't interpret Genesis 1 and 2 literally, then you don't take the Bible seriously," said Evans, 29. "I held on tightly to that for a long time."
The article continues:
Evans says creationism — the belief that God created the earth around 6,000 years ago in six days — was commonplace in her town. Unable to reconcile science with her faith, Evans embraced evolution.  "I learned you don't have to choose between loving and following Jesus and believing in evolution," she said. She chronicled her personal journey in a new memoir Evolving in Monkey Town.  Evans is part of a movement of mostly Protestant writers and scientists trying to reconcile faith and science, 85 years after the trial ended. Instead of choosing sides, some prefer the middle ground of intelligent design, which claims God designed how life evolved.
Unfortunately, this young lady has come under the typical evolutionary/millions of years indoctrination of our age (which is now the religion of the public school system and sadly, also adopted by many church leaders who compromise God’s Word) that did not teach correctly concerning the difference between operational science (knowledge gained by observation that builds our technology) and origins science (beliefs about the past concerning origins/history).  And sadly, she—like many others—has no doubt been led astray by  compromising church leaders of our day.  For instance, the article quotes an Eastern Nazarene College professor (one of the leading Christian college professors in the USA who is undermining the authority of God’s Word, and he is leading so many young people away from the Christian faith):
"The entrenched hostility to evolution in American evangelism is very deep," says Karl Giberson, a physics professor at Eastern Nazarene College in Quincy, Mass.  Giberson, the son of a Primitive Baptist pastor from Canada, grew up believing evolution was wrong, but his views changed once he studied physics in college. Now a member of the Church of the Nazarene and a teacher at a Christian college he's convinced evolution is true.  He is one of the co-founders of the BioLogos Forum which teaches faith can co-exist with science. He founded the organization in 2008 with Francis Collins, director of the National Institute of Health. Collins, 60, a one-time atheist converted to Christianity when he was 27.  The group runs a website,, and sponsors seminars on how faith and science can work together.’  "It's a place for people who understand that evolution is true to stand together," said Giberson.
Actually, the BioLogos website indoctrinates people in rank liberalism, and the leaders in Nazarene denomination will have much to answer to the Lord for, because they have not publicly stood against the compromise of Giberson and Falk—Falk is another Eastern Nazarene College professor (from Point Loma, CA) who heads up the liberal evolutionary BioLogos website. (I have previous blog posts—like this one—outlining some of the outrageous beliefs promoted by the BioLogos website, which are obviously adhered to by these Nazarene professors who now head up this website.)

Another example of compromise with evolution—which also leads young people astray and undermines God’s Holy Word—is discussed in the article:

For Christian schools like Bryan College, evolution can be a tricky subject. Their biology professors teach it in class but without violating the school's statements of faith.  Brian Eisenach, assistant professor of biology at Bryan, says he teaches evolution straight from the textbook in his classes. Then he has a separate discussion about other views.  He does not endorse any particular belief. Instead, Eisenach says he wants his students to know all the options for understanding the origins of human life. It's better, he says, than confrontation.
There are many colleges/seminaries—like Bryan College—across the nation with professors who compromise God’s Word in Genesis and/or will not teach the authority of God’s Word in Genesis as they should. It’s about time that these colleges were held accountable for allowing such undermining of the authority of Scripture to the coming generations.

The article then ends with:

My generation of evangelicals is ready to call a truce on the culture wars. It seems like our parents, our pastors, and the media won't let us do that. We are ready to be done with the whole evolution-creation debate. We are ready to move on.
Well, Rachel, I have news for you.  Your generation is not ready to call a truce in this battle in the culture wars; in fact, we are finding more and more people are getting enthusiastically involved in fighting the culture war by standing uncompromisingly and unashamedly on God’s authoritative Word.

Hundreds and hundreds of young people recently attended our Defending the Faith conference in Tennessee, and they are fired up to battle against evolution/millions of years compromise in the church—and the loss of biblical authority in the nation.  Thousands of young people each month come to the Creation Museum—and go out more fired up than ever for their faith.  Thousands of books and other resources are pouring into the nation from Answers in Genesis and other such apologetics organizations, which equip young people and others to fight this culture war.  Millions of people—including millions of young people—go to AiG’s websites each year.  And we continue to see increasing numbers of testimonies from young people who have turned away from their compromise positions—like that of Rachel’s—and/or have become on fire for the Lord.

No, the coming generations are not “ready to move on,” Rachel; they are increasingly seeking answers to the bankrupt compromise positions taught by many churches and Christian colleges. And they are gearing up to be reformers like Martin Luther, so they can call church and culture back to the authoritative Word of God.

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