Dr. Gary Parker Returns to the Creation Museum

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Many of you may recall that back in the 1990s, Dr. Gary Parker was my seminar partner at many Answers in Genesis events. His wife, Mary, also conducted workshops for children at these events. It was a wonderful, fruitful time of outreach for our new ministry, and hundreds of thousands of people across the country were introduced to our apologetics ministry as a result.

Dr. Parker eventually moved to Florida—mostly for health reasons—but we have remained in touch. Last week, he spoke a few times inside the Creation Museum, as I was away at our Defending the Faith conference in Tennessee.

One of his best talks (which is also the title of one of his books) is called Life Before Birth. It’s one of the most powerful presentations to argue against abortion as well as evolution. It’s a family book, and it is well illustrated; I strongly encourage you to get a copy of this book.

Gary operates a creationist museum in Florida, which includes workshops for young people that he and Mary organize. Take a peek at their website: www.creationadventuresmuseum.org

Gary and I reconnected Tuesday (see photo below), and we discussed the possibility of doing some speaking tours together next year.

Dr. Parker is one of the finest creation speakers you will ever hear; I encourage you to go to www.creationadventuresmuseum.org and check on his availability to come to your area to speak to families in your community (which could also feature children’s workshops).

In the photo below, Gary and I are pointing to Australia on the map—where we did extensive speaking ministry together back in the 1980s. Mary is on the left.

No “Gray” Area with This Supporter

One of our great ministry friends is Al Gray of the Baltimore area. Al has a passion for proclaiming the creation/gospel message. He is a leader at the church that underwrote the cost of building our natural selection exhibit inside the Creation Museum, which opened last year. 2010 was dubbed “The Year of Darwin” because it was Darwin’s 200th birthday and 150 years ago his Origin of Species book was published, and so we wanted a major exhibit to look at Darwin’s legacy.

Al and his wife Kaye visited the museum again recently (they live about a 10-hour drive away) with a large group from his church. Later, Al left us the following message on our voicemail:

Our gang had a wonderful time. All 70 of them want to come back and bring people with them; it was a huge success. Thank you for your looking out for us, including the special class with Dr. Menton. We’ll be out there again next year.


Here is a photograph of Al Gray with AiG’s CCO, Mark Looy (left)—they have been friends for years—and Director of Advancement, Joe Boone (right).  Al is holding a model of the Natural Selection exhibit that we used to help build the display, and we donated the model to the church.

By the way, we do have a number of new exhibits designed, which will enable us to continue to expand the museum as funds are donated for such projects—maybe you and your church would be interested in sponsoring such an exhibit.


Encourage him: for he shall cause Israel to inherit

(Deuteronomy 1:38)  But Joshua the son of Nun, which stands before you, he shall go in there: encourage him: for he shall cause Israel to inherit it.

Pastors have a big job to lead the people of God to the Lord Jesus Christ; it is a good thing for us to encourage them in their work and to help them.

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