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Frank Pastore was a pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds about 30 years ago—until a major arm injury (his elbow was shattered when a batter hit a line-drive right back at him) shortened his career. He played just a few miles from AiG/Creation Museum. Today he hosts the highly successful Frank Pastore Radio Show in Los Angeles on KKLA (a large Christian radio station).

This past Wednesday, Frank interviewed me as well as took listeners’ phone calls to ask me questions for an hour.  Frank also shared a little of his testimony just before he started interviewing me—and mentioned the importance of the late Dr. Henry Morris and the book The Genesis Flood in his salvation. Scientific Creationism by Henry was another tool God used in his life to open Frank’s eyes.  The radio interview I did with Frank—done last Wednesday—is archived at www2.kkla.com/podcast/frank/FrankPastoreShow-Wed4pmHr_04-28-2010.mp3 KKLA is probably the most-listened-to Christian radio station in the country.

Also, Frank’s testimony—which makes for an interesting read—is at: http://www2.kkla.com/frank_pastore/ONE%20PITCH%20FROM%20HUMILITY.pdf

Not Ashamed to Run for AiG

Joe Niemeyer (see photos) of our staff has his running shoes broken in as he and eight others from Answers in Genesis/Creation Museum are participating in special running events this weekend in Cincinnati, collectively called "The Flying Pig." They are running in one of three events: a marathon, half marathon, and a 5K. Nine AiG staff will be running in these races.

What is quite exciting is that they will be wearing T-shirts in the race that promote our national "I am Not Ashamed" campaign.  Perhaps you have seen our "IANA" TV spots on 60 Minutes, The Glenn Beck Show, Fox and Friends in the Morning, etc., plus print ads in the USA Today newspaper, and even on billboards (our newest boards were just erected down the road from us and off I-75 and near downtown Cincinnati—I-75 is supposedly the busiest north-south interstate in the USA.

Here is the course map that some of our staff will be following for the 5K run: http://www.flyingpigmarathon.com/race_information/course/2010_5K_CourseMap.pdf

Chattanooga Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning, I will be speaking at both services at Red Bank Baptist Church in Red Bank, Tennessee (Chattanooga area).  Go to the AiG online calendar for details.

I will also be speaking at Tennessee Temple University Sunday evening and Monday morning at:

  1. The University Baccalaureate Service Sunday evening
  2. The University Graduation (giving the Commencement address) Monday morning
Both are open to the public—further details from the AiG online calendar.

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