Evangelical Scholar Leaves Seminary over Evolution

by Ken Ham

A number of news sources have reported that theologian and evolutionist Bruce K. Waltke has left his position at the Reformed Theological Seminary (Orlando) because of his stand on evolution. This is interesting, considering that I quoted from Dr. Waltke in my recent “State of the Nation 2” web address. I warned people in that presentation that such compromising evolution with the Bible’s clear account of Creation in Genesis has contributed to the undermining of biblical authority in the church and culture. In fact, those church leaders who compromise with evolution and millions of years are part of the reason we see so many young people now leaving the church and why we see the loss of Christian morality and the Christian worldview in our Western culture. This compromise has been an issue of this era of history that has devastatingly undermined the authority of the Word of God.

Another organization that promotes such compromise and is quite liberal in its theology is the BioLogos foundation. I have mentioned the president and vice-president of this foundation on previous blogs (see also this blog)—both professors at Nazarene colleges, but both leading this organization that is so destructive to the Christian faith. Apparently, according to news sources, it was a video clip of Bruce Waltke that was on the BioLogos website that contributed to his having to leave his position at the seminary.

The USA Today report begins:

When it comes to incriminating videos these days, the one of Bruce K. Waltke might seem pretty tame. It shows the noted evangelical scholar of the Old Testament talking about scholarship, faith and evolution. What was incriminating? He not only endorsed evolution, but said that evangelical Christianity could face a crisis for not coming to accept science.
Whether it is the reporter’s “interpretation” or an actual quote from Waltke, it is absurd to make the statement that “. . . evangelical Christianity could face a crisis for not coming to accept science.” What does this writer mean by “science?” The word “science” means knowledge. However, in this context, it is obvious the reporter making this statement is equating “evolution” with “science” in such a way to infer that those who don’t believe in evolution don’t believe in science. However, there is a big difference between “observational science” (which builds our technology, for example) and “historical science” (which concerns beliefs about the past). Most people use the word science to mean observational science—the science (knowledge gained by observation—based on repeatability, etc. ) that built our technology. Biblical creationists love observational science, and accept the same observational science as secular scientists. It is because biblical Creation is true that we can trust the methods of empirical science. It is in the area of “historical science” (beliefs about the past) that the disagreement lies.

So, the statement that “evangelical Christianity could face a crisis for not coming to accept science” is a ridiculous comment to make. Actually, the real statement that should be made is, “evangelical Christianity will face (and is facing) a crisis if it continues to compromise with the secularists’ historical ‘science’ (their belief in evolution and millions of years).”

The USA Today report also states:

On the BioLogos website, Falk posted a statement Thursday called "On the Courage of Bruce Waltke." He closed the statement this way: "Decades from now, when the Evangelical Church has come to terms with the reality of evolution, we hope she will look back at those who were the pioneers on its journey toward a fuller understanding of the manner by which God has created. I could list other pioneers, a number of whom are good friends and colleagues.
However, here is what Falk should have said:
Decades from now, when the Evangelical church in America has ended up like it has in Europe (especially the United Kingdom where the culture is now almost spiritually dead), she will hopefully wake up to what happened. Because the church leaders of this age compromised God’s Word with the pagan religion of the age (evolution and millions of years), they undermined the authority of God’s Word. We hope she will look back at those compromised church leaders (who have to answer for contributing to why so many young people left the church and why the Christian structure was so weakened) and realize how they need to stand uncompromisingly on God’s Word beginning in Genesis.
According to the newspaper report, it appears the seminary involved here allows different views on the days of creation and the age of the earth—if so, then they need to understand that they are still allowing compromise to undermine God’s Word, and just by having a professor leave who believes in or allows for compromise with evolution, they still have a major problem in their seminary that is undermining the authority of the Word. Such compromise is no different than the Israelites when they compromised with the pagan religion of the age. Evolution and millions of years are really the pagan religion of the age to explain life without God.

The full USA Today report can be read at this link.

We need to pray that these compromised church leaders will repent of their compromise and return to God’s Word

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