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Answers magazine is the world’s leading creation/apologetics/Christian worldview magazine—and it is more popular than ever. With over 70,000 subscribers and both a printed version and a special digital edition, as a number of other Christian magazines have been discontinued, or others struggling, Answers is one of today’s Christian publications that continues to grow and have a phenomenal impact.

Kudos to Publisher Dale Mason and his team for this excellent production. In this blog, I wanted to feature some of the comments we received recently about the Kids Answers section of the magazine—it is like a mini-magazine for kids in the middle of the Answers magazine.

. . . I read it cover to cover, my 8 and 12 year olds read the magazine and they LOVE the Kids Section too!! My older one plastered the inserts on his wall . . . We absolutely love reading Answers!!!! THANK YOU!!
My 3 yr old loves HIS magazine! He keeps each kids section for the last 2 years all together and carries them around somewhere in the house everyday. There is not a day that we do not have a conversation about the magazine or the museum!
I use it for so many things: Homeschool (often the posters adorn our walls), Sunday School, youth meetings, CO-OP classes . . . I really need to laminate them!!
I read it to my 3yo daughter for the first time this month. I asked her the checklist questions at the end, and she answered honestly, not what she thought I wanted to hear. Now I can remind her to be like an ant and it works sometimes!
The honeypot ants captured our attention. Everyone wanted to know how they fed the other ants. Did they put a straw in the ants abdoment? Did the ant die after feeding all the other ants? So we did more research and watched videos until we found all the answers we were looking for. Thanks for the ant guide. It was a great science lesson & look at how God provides for the "least" of his creation.
Answers is a magazine for the whole family. If you haven’t subscribed already, you can do so at this link. Consider sending a gift subscription to family members or friends. If you know missionaries or others overseas, you could send them the digital version—it is just like a real magazine, but in digital format. It saves the overseas postage and time to send it through the mail—great for any country.

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Today, Dr. Jason Lisle and I begin the AiG conference at Richland Bible Church in Michigan. Go to the AiG website for the details.

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