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Does a Group Called “Free Inquiry” Really Want “Free Inquiry”?

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Allegations of “child abuse” and “terrorism” against AiG

In a report that is appearing today in our local Enquirer newspapers (Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky editions),  an article reported on a meeting at Norwood Public Library in Ohio by a group of atheists associated with the organization called Free Inquiry Group.  The report began by quoting one of the atheists addressing the group with, “Good evening, sinners,” obviously mocking Christianity.  This same atheist is also reported as claiming about the Creation Museum that  it promotes “child abuse” (because he thinks it teaches things that aren't true)  and "terrorism" (because it is “dumbing us down to a level not seen since the Dark Ages”).  Note how these people are totally intolerant of Christians and use abusive language in attacks against us.

Imagine if this Free Inquiry Group were to mock the Islamic faith as they mock Christianity, or to outright accuse Moslems (just because they were a Moslem) of “child abuse” or “terrorism.”  Of course that will never happen.  However, sadly, it appears in our culture today that it is ok to mock Christians, mock the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ (as this same person did a few months ago in conducting a mock “Communion service” outside the Creation Museum gates with a group of atheists), and mock Christians who believe in a Creator God!

This  Free Inquiry Group is the same organization that initiated the opposition to the Creation Museum many years ago.  At first they began opposing our land rezoning with accusations regarding “separation of church and state” (which was absolutely ridiculous!; we wanted to build on private property using private funds, and in America, what’s wrong with that?), and  other anti-Christian propaganda.  Eventually they realized this was not the way to fight this issue so they began stirring up people against AiG using supposed land zoning issues.  As a result, even though the Planning Commission at the time approved the rezoning, the Fiscal Court (i.e., the county commissioners), in what was outside the norm of what usually occurred, overruled, and we had to forgo that piece of property.  However, what men meant for evil, God meant for good (as Joseph learned, as we read in Genesis).  In looking for another piece of property, we found almost 50 acres (the current location of the Creation Museum), right on Interstate 275, at an interchange, just 10 minutes west of the Cincinnati International airport—a FAR superior piece of property.  The original piece was several minutes off the Interstate.  So the Lord allowed the Free Inquiry Group to oppose us so we could end up in an exponentially better situation.

At their recent FIG meeting, it was also stated in the news account that,  in recounting the group’s history, one of the FIG leaders talked about protests against the Creation Museum, which he referred to as “the great museum of nonsense …”  Not only did this group oppose the Creation Museum in the 1990s, they also participated in a demonstration out of the front of the museum gates the day it was first opened to the public (2007).  There weren’t that many people in the demonstration (maybe 50-70 or so), and it was interesting to note that a number of the placards they held up made mockery of my name (e.g., calling us “Hamites” and using the “Ham” name in other ways).  Imagine if they were to take the name of a prominent Moslem or black leader and mock their name—it wouldn’t be tolerated!  All their demonstration did, though, was bring out more media and give the Creation Museum more publicity.  It’s interesting to note that they have opposed AiG and demonstrated against us (and attacked us personally in the media) many times—but if anyone dares demonstrate against them or what they are doing they claim religious intolerance—they certainly don’t believe in “free inquiry.”  What free inquiry really means for them is that people should be free to oppose, mock, and denigrate Christians but no one should be “free” to oppose atheists!  They are some of the most intolerant people we have ever encountered—but I guess that is because they are so insecure about their views and they just can’t tolerate the suggestion they could be wrong!!

At the opening of the Creation Museum, a plane buzzed overhead for quite a long time, dragging a banner stating, “Thou shalt not lie.”  Many people even to this day tell me that they thought AiG rented the plane to make a statement to the atheists!  But it was the atheists that rented the plane!  These people that oppose the Ten Commandments in public places had one of the commandments displayed in public, but it back-fired on them!

Let’s put all this in perspective:

1.  At the opening of the Creation Museum, a small group of these atheists demonstrated outside the gates (maybe 50-70 or so).

2.  At this recent meeting at the Norwood Library reported on by the Enquirer newspapers and, the Free Inquiry Group was so thrilled that, “On Thursday night, about 30 people gathered for the Free Inquiry Group's monthly meeting. That's about 10 more than the normal crowd.”

3.  The Creation Museum attendance since opening 2 years and five months ago has attracted over 900,000 visitors with the one million visitor number to be reached in March/April next year.  Even on LOW days in the winter months , the Creation Museum typically has 300–400 people on a weekday (with many more on Saturdays).

4.  Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum receive similar web traffic to that of the very large ministry Focus on the Family (from 30,000–50,000 visitors per day depending on circumstances/time of year, etc).

5.  The Creation Museum has brought many millions of dollars (estimated by an outside group to be $65,000,000 per year into the community—for hotels, restaurants, etc.) into the area and provided substantial tax dollars to the state.

6.  AiG and the Creation Museum employ 275 people with an additional 100 casuals in peak times (e.g., summer).

Every time I hear about the Free Inquiry Group, I think of the verse from Genesis 50:20:

But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive.
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