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Dr. Tommy Mitchell, a full-time speaker with Answers in Genesis for almost three years now—but who is also a long-time friend of ours—has been keeping very busy in recent months. Even though many ministries see a slowdown in activity during the summer, we certainly haven’t! Tommy has spoken at numerous churches, apologetics conferences, and homeschool conferences over the summer. In addition he and our other speakers have been participating in our popular "Speaker Series" talks at the Creation Museum when not on the road.

If you talk to Tommy about his summer’s work, however, what you’ll most likely hear about is his newest role as “voice of the petting zoo” at our Creation Museum. Here you can see many exotic animals, including a camel, a zonkey, a zorse, and wallabies (similar to kangaroos), among others. It has been a very popular attraction both for the young and the old alike.

In order to make the zoo an even better learning experience, we have now added an audio tour of the zoo. You can use your cell phone as you walk through the zoo to hear about the animals. Tommy was asked by the museum staff to help with the scripts and to do the narration for the tour. For those of you who know Tommy, you can understand why the narration is very animated (excuse the animal/animation pun!)

We invite you all to visit us here at the museum and also experience the petting zoo for yourself.






New Voice of the Martyrs Exhibit at the Creation Museum

The museum recently unveiled its newest display, "The Extreme Challenge," sponsored by the ministry of Voice of the Martyrs. The exhibit is now in the portico of our 75,000-square-foot museum, and the people in line to get tickets stand right next to it and read the text and watch a short VOM video.

The display shows images of oppressed Christians from around the world, as well as Scripture verses scrolling across monitors—with a backdrop of a world map highlighting religiously restricted nations. It brings to our visitors' attention that we all have a role to play in serving the persecuted church—while at the same time strengthening their faith as they tour the museum. A sample devotional booklet from Voice of the Martyrs is available to museum visitors, with the opportunity to receive a copy of the full devotional book itself for free.

We share a common vision with VOM in proclaiming the truth of God’s Word and equipping the church to fulfill the Great Commission. Personally, I’m excited about this display and trust that the thousands of guests to our Creation Museum will be challenged by its message—you see, I have personally supported the ministry of Voice of the Martyrs for 20 years (as have many on our staff) and I encourage every Christian to do the same.







“High Title: A Good Minister of Jesus Christ”

(1 Timothy 4:6) Thou shalt be a good minister of Jesus Christ, nourished up in the words of faith and of good doctrine, whereunto thou hast attained.

(1 Timothy 4:15–16) Meditate upon these things; give thyself wholly to them; that thy profiting may appear to all. Take heed unto thyself.

The best that a pastor can do for his flock in leading them is to be so wholly engaged in his own personal growth in the Lord Jesus Christ that it is contagious.

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