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Well, it’s always exciting (yet tiring) to travel internationally and give several talks, but one of the unfortunate things about being away from the offices is missing so many fascinating individuals who continue to pour through the doors of our Creation Museum.

On one day alone recently: Mr. Dan Cathy, president and CEO of Chick-fil-A, which has about 1500 restaurants throughout the United States. He only had about 2 hours to spend with us because of his own hectic schedule in our Cincinnati metropolitan area, but he was certainly impressed with the museum and its exhibits. What really caught his eye was our botanical garden. We found out that he has an arboretum in Georgia, and so he and our horticulturalist Tim Schmitt really hit it off as they compared notes.

Find out more about Mr. Cathy—and his father who founded Chick-fil-A and his testimony—at the Chick-fil-A website.

Later that day, some of our staff ran into former NFL football player Max Montoya. Max, who was an All-Pro (i.e., All-Star) offensive lineman, played in one of the most famous football games of all time, when our local team the Cincinnati Bengals (they play just a few miles away from our museum) almost beat the San Francisco 49ers in the 1989 Super Bowl—one of the best Super Bowl games ever played.

Max is like many professional athletes who play in Cincinnati—they enjoy this area so much that they decide to stay here when they retire. That certainly is a testament to living in this region, for Max grew up in beautiful Southern California, where the weather and attractions are wonderful. Yet he chose to stay here.

Lastly, Dr. John Willke and his wife Barbara toured the museum that day. Dr. Willke was heavily involved in the pro-life movement even before the infamous Roe v. Wade decision was handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973. As a tireless defender of the unborn, Dr. Willke once served for ten years as president of the U.S. National Right to Life Committee. He is also the founder of the Life Issues Institute, which is now headed by our good ministry friend Brad Mattes—find out more about Brad and the Life Issues Institute organization at their website.

In the photo, you can see John and Barbara posing at our Foto FX booth in the museum with Mark Looy, our CCO.







It will be great coming back to the office so that I can continue to meet the many fascinating people who come here every day—plus be in my own bed for a change!

Creation Museum’s Newest Resident (Answer to Yesterday’s Quiz Question and Photo)







The photo is of one of the most amazing creatures in our museum and petting zoo: our chameleons. We have an article on their remarkable characteristics, especially the way they can change colors and blend in to their backgrounds.

These wonderful creations are absolutely amazing as “babies”—as you can see from the photo of a two-day-old chameleon.

The first correct answer we received came from a ministry friend who wrote: “It looks like a chameleon! -- Greetings and Blessings from Jaffa, Israel. – D.S.”

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