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Many Visitors Travel 2,000 Miles from the Pacific Northwest

We’re not yet even into the tourist season, and I’m still amazed at how many people are coming to the Creation Museum from such faraway places as the northwestern states of America (and a reporter from Italy is in the museum today).

On Wednesday, we had visitors from Eugene, Oregon, and another family from another Oregon city not too far away: Springfield. Both places are over 2,000 miles from our Cincinnati-area/northern Kentucky museum.

Also, we had a special visit from Lloyd and Doris Anderson of Washington State on Wednesday, who opened a Creation Museum near Mount St. Helens over 10 years ago. The exhibits of their “Seven Wonders Creation Museum” piggyback off the original research by creation scientists like Dr. Steven Austin (formerly of the Institute for Creation Research) and Dr. Andrew Snelling of Answers in Genesis—these two men have researched the volcano's memorable 1980 eruption (and subsequent eruptions) and how they created geological phenomena that can help us in explaining how a global Noah’s Flood some 4,300 years ago could have formed much of what we see on the earth’s surface today (e.g., rapidly formed sedimentary layers, canyon systems, etc.). Read the following article for more fascinating information on Mount St. Helens

Here’s a photo of Doris, Lloyd, and me taken inside our museum and also one of Lloyd as he addressed the AiG staff this past Thursday.

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Find out more about their unique outreach—including Lloyd’s personal tours of the Mount St. Helens park—and their museum at: It's a "creation vacation" possibility this summer for Americans who live on the West Coast.

To order an excellent DVD on the volcano's eruptions and their significance to creationists, see Mount St. Helens: Modern Day Evidence for the World Wide Flood!

As many of you are aware, the Pacific Northwest of America is one of the most theologically liberal and atheistic regions in all of the country—please pray for Lloyd and Doris as they proclaim biblical truths in this spiritually needy part of the country. By the way, another Washington resident (from Spokane) was here on the same day. People from all over America—including the spiritually dark region of the Pacific Northwest—are visiting the Creation Museum. That will probably only intensify when the summer starts.

Belated Mother’s Day

As I was not able to visit my mother on Mother’s Day last weekend (as she lives in Australia), I thought it would be good to honor my mother on this blog and include a photo of me with her, and with my two brothers and two sisters taken when we were in Australia in January. I praise the Lord for a godly Mum who spends many hours each week praying for her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.:


Speaking in Michigan Tomorrow

Today I traveled to Michigan to speak four times in Berean Baptist Church, Grand Blanc (near Flint), Michigan.

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