Roman Soldier Visits Answers in Genesis

by Ken Ham on April 10, 2009

With this being Good Friday, I wanted to mention how we brought in a very special speaker for our regular Thursday staff meeting. Dressed as a Roman tribune and speaking to us while “in character,” Deks Nordquist described life in Israel during Roman occupation 2,000 years ago, giving a historical context to the time when a “rebel” (in the eyes of many Romans, he said), Jesus Christ, was living—and ultimately dying on the Cross. He brought some insights into Christ's arrest (by 1,000 Roman soldiers, his studies have shown) and His Crucifixion.

I first heard of Deks, who attends Grace Evangelical Free Church in Cincinnati, when he volunteered as a Roman Centurion for our outdoor Christmas program four months ago—and he braved some very cold evenings in his Roman outfit. I discovered something else about his commitment to the Answers in Genesis ministry: he was on the museum grounds several evenings in December as a volunteer Roman Centurion, but he never broke away to actually tour the museum!

Deks takes his Bible study so seriously that he is travelling to Israel later this year as a part of getting a PhD in archaeology/history.

We wanted all of you to share in the presentation Deks gave to the AiG staff. You can listen to it a the link below. audio link

Cell Phone Tour of the Resurrection Week

In honor of the Easter season, the Creation Museum launched our very first cell phone tour March 28 with a “Resurrection Walk” through our gardens. This cell phone tour is basically an audio tour provided via guests’ own cell phones. You call the tour phone number and enter a “stop” number, which corresponds to numbers found on a brochure, and through your phone you hear all of the audio programming for that stop.

With 100,000 spring bulbs in the ground, the museum gardens are full of life and color. If you’re able to come enjoy the gardens in person, it will be worth the trip. As you walk the gardens and listen you can consider our Creator’s handiwork and His redemption. May the hundreds of scarlet tulips remind you of the Savior’s sacrifice. May the white dogwood picture the purity of the life He laid down for you. And may the glowing yellows of daffodils, double tulips, and marsh marigolds lift your heart with the sunshine of the Resurrection and the new life offered freely to us all.

But if you can’t make it to the museum in person, you can still enjoy the garden tour from the comfort of home. Check out the brochure here

You can call the tour number from any phone (obviously this is a USA phone number). Enjoy, and be sure to leave us some feedback by pressing *0! (The phone number to call is 859-394-6048 – you can choose stations 1-10.)

Find out more information from the Creation Museum website.


Compassion tested

(Mark 5:16-17) And they that saw it told them how it befell to him that was possessed with the devil, and also concerning the swine. And they began to pray him to depart out of their coasts.

Compassion is tested when we are faced with having to give up what we have (like a herd of swine) in order to see a lost soul come out of the dark bondage of sin.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying


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