Moody Theology Professor Promotes Long Ages and “Bashes” The Creation Museum

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In yesterday’s blog, I informed you about an associate professor of theology at Moody Bible Institute (Bryan Litfin) who made a snide comment (in fact, a feedback email from one of our supporters called it “bashing”) about the Creation Museum on the Moody Radio Network. If you read the transcript of the radio program where this Creation Museum “bashing” occurred, you would also see that he promoted progressive creation—thus undermining the authority of the Word of God—which so sadly is one of the greatest problems we have in most of our Bible and Christian colleges and seminaries.

Here is a link to the transcript [PDF] where Dr. Litfin suggests that the money used to build our museum should have been better directed to help the poor and needy–apparently unaware that the museum is more than a dinosaur center, but most of all proclaims the gospel and equips believers to have answers for their faith. What could possibly be more important than that? And we’re wondering why his research about us (after all, as a PhD, he should be well-trained in how to conduct proper research—especially so if he is going to go public in his criticism of something) did not uncover that–or whether he has even been to our museum?

Here is a quote from the first part of the transcript:

Basically, progressive creationism argues that God created the universe over billions of years. This is not the same as Darwin’s evolution, because progressive creationists do not hold that man descended from other hominid species. They say God directly created certain species, including man, over billions of years. It’s an old-earth view of creationism. In this way, God’s Word and the scientific record can be reconciled. Again, my point here isn’t to revisit that topic. It was the response from listeners that disturbed me. When I said on the radio that progressive creationism is an acceptable Christian view, and indeed one I find plausible, some listeners responded negatively.
Great that some listeners responded negatively—all Moody Radio listeners should have.

You see, it may be acceptable to Dr. Litfin to add millions of years of death, suffering, disease, thorns, and animals eating each other before sin, but it is not acceptable to God—as God’s Word is to be the judge on what you believe. These fallible human words should never be the judge on God’s Word. Sadly, this philosophy of placing fallible man in authority over the Scripture, which is so rife throughout the church, is what has led to the undermining of biblical authority in church and culture and contributed to the collapse of Christianity in the culture.

Litfin’s promotion of compromising on the Word of God must have been heard by a lot of people on the radio, since we certainly received a number of responses—such as these two I selected:

**Hello. I was listening to Moody Radio yesterday, and I heard a speaker talking about how God probably created everything through billions of years. . . . As if this was not bad enough, he finished his commentary by bashing the Creation Museum.

I am an ordained evangelist with a bachelor's in ministry and a master’s in evangelism. My family and I have been to your museum twice and we thought it was very Biblical and interesting. It saddens me that someone as esteemed as a professor at Moody would say such things. I just wanted to let you know that you are doing a great job and keep up the good work!

—Rev. J.

**It continues to astonish me at the “seeming” willful ignorance of some of our brothers and sisters. The gentleman from Moody Radio for example. Does he not know the Great Commission states to “. . . make disciples” which is EXACTLY what the Creation Museum / AiG does!?

Helping the poor, widows, orphans etc. is an overflow and an extension of our discipleship. (but first we must BE disciples) Anyone who has visited the museum cannot escape the SALVATION message throughout. The fruit of salvation and spiritual growth is [AFFIRMATION] of the Spirit's blessing on AiG's ministry. Not to mention the great charitable work you do in other countries—by distributing materials, dvd’s and everything you do that I’m sure we don't even know about but God does.

It’s not an either-or scenario, but BOTH (discipleship and ministry to others). Just a shame that those who SHOULD understand, sometimes don't. Once again—we shall know by the fruit and AiG’s fruit has been salvation and growth.


If you want to read Dr. Litfin’s biography, you can do so at this link.

Spring Is on the Way

The Creation Museum landscapers have been hard at work preparing the gardens for spring, when they will burst forth into bloom. Here is a photograph taken yesterday:







Where is the Lamb

(Genesis 22:7) And Isaac spake unto Abraham his father, and said, My father: and he said, Here am I, my son. And he said, Behold the fire and the wood: but where is the lamb for a burnt offering?

Had the Lord Jesus Christ not come to suffer and die for us we would have been left with nothing to save us and the pathetic cry of where is the lamb to take away sins.

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