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One of our supporters sent us this email about a dream he had:

I had a dream last night that I was in the Creation Museum. I thought to myself, “If I am in the Creation Museum, then I can see the new Natural Selection Exhibit.” When I awoke, I had a sort of “aw shucks” feeling that I was actually several thousand miles away. Thankfully, last summer I was able to travel from Kelso, Washington, with my family to see the museum. It was worth every mile. In fact, it exceeded my expectations. Keep up the great work, AiG! You are in our thoughts and prayers!

—K.S., Washington

Well, K.S., to add more detail to your dream of seeing the Natural Selection exhibit at the Creation Museum, I took my camera down to the bottom floor of the museum and took some photographs of various aspects of the new exhibit for—that’s the best I can do for now:

Snide Comment on Moody Radio

One of our supporters was upset with an anti-Creation Museum commentary he heard on Moody Radio–a Christian radio network—this week. He transcribed the comment from a Prime Time America segment and sent it to us (later we found a link to the commentary–we list it below), which took a swipe at our Creation Museum:
Perhaps most importantly, we’ve got to start spending our dollars wisely. There’s only so much money to go around. We live in a world full of massive human need and suffering. Should we here in America become obsessed with our own culture wars at the expense of such need? When children are literally starving to death, and widows are oppressed by thugs, and orphans multiply daily, and young girls are forced into prostitution, day after day after day–do we really need a museum with animated dinosaurs and displays about Noah’s flood? Seriously–where do you think Jesus would spend his time? As for me, I have a hunch it would be with the poor and the oppressed. For Moody Radio, I’m Bryan Litfin.
Mr. Litfin should convince Moody to sell their radio stations and perhaps its associated Bible institute (Moody Radio is a part of the famous Moody Bible Institute of Chicago), give up his job and sell his belongings as well, and with the hundreds of millions of dollars they get (far more than what our Creation Museum cost), they could give all the money to the poor!

Now, Mr. Litfin might object and say: “But this radio network presents the gospel—and the institute trains people in biblical truths.” Indeed, the radio network’s website says that (along with the institute) its “purpose is to equip and motivate people to advance the cause of Christ through ministries that educate, edify, and evangelize.” Well, that’s what the Creation Museum does!

The museum is far more than a dinosaur museum–throughout, we present the gospel message, including in our exhibit area about the Flood and the Ark (a picture of salvation!). We share the gospel in several places inside the museum, and we’ve heard of several salvation testimonies. What could be more important in this world than preaching the gospel? That’s the purpose of the Creation Museum! It’s not to show off high-tech animatronic dinosaurs!

Furthermore, the museum helps Christians build a biblical worldview so that they will take the Bible more seriously as they live on this earth–and, thus, follow what it teaches about taking care of the poor and hungry.

I really doubt that Mr. Litfin has even been to our museum; if he had, he would not have taken that shot and suggested that this evangelistic and Bible-teaching center was a waste of money. Evangelism and equipping Christians—money wasters? I suggest that he talk amongst his colleagues at the network and see who there has visited the museum–and get a correct perspective of what our museum’s purpose is. Yes, stations can air commentaries if they want, but knowing something about your subject is requirement number one for a commentator. (We note, too, that this commentary represents one person’s viewpoint and does not represent the view of the entire network.)

Of course, it is true we need to help the poor and should do all we can, but it is also true that when Jesus talked with the woman at the well, He told her about “living water” that was far more important than liquid water!

Not everybody at the Moody Radio Network believes the same way–some of the staff have been to our Creation Museum and have been very kind in their comments. Also, the pastor at Moody Church in Chicago (affiliated with the radio network) endorsed Answers in Genesis a few times recently during his morning services and promoted our website.

We can leave a complimentary museum ticket for Mr. Litfin at our info desk should he wish to visit (and, we hope, possibly re-think his position). He just needs to call and let us know what date he will be here, and we can also meet with him.

Read the transcript of Mr. Litfin’s commentary on the Moody Radio website here [PDF].


Prepared a place

(Exodus 26:1) Moreover you shall make the tabernacle with ten curtains of fine twined linen, and blue, and purple, and scarlet: with cherubims of cunning work shall you make them.

The Lord Jesus Christ has prepared a place for us to meet Him everyday; it is at the Cross where the great transaction was made of His blood that purchased us.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,


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