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Shermer and Purdom Meet in Noah’s Café

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It was a cordial meeting between Michael Shermer—one of the world’s best-known atheists (we understand that Dr. Shermer prefers to be called a non-theist), founder of the Skeptics Society, and publisher of Skeptic magazine—and Answers in Genesis geneticist Dr. Georgia Purdom—inside Noah’s Café at the Creation Museum last month.

Dr. Shermer, who lives in California, was in Ohio for a speaking engagement, but he also decided to tour the Creation Museum (near Cincinnati) and visit with some of our staff. He had asked about the possibility of videotaping a Q & A session with one of our scientists, and so, we offered him the opportunity to speak to Dr. Georgia Purdom. Dr. Purdom has a PhD in molecular genetics from Ohio State University, and we believed that she could handle whatever scientific questions Dr. Shermer posed. Somewhat to our surprise, though, most of his questions dealt with the Bible and philosophy—with only a few queries on science issues.

One of the people who accompanied Dr. Shermer videotaped the exchange in our café, and as you will be able to tell by watching it here, it ended up being something of a mini-debate, as Dr. Shermer’s own beliefs were clearly presented in the way he posed his questions.

As you watch this intriguing video exchange, please note that Dr. Purdom circles back from time to time to engage him in some of the more urgent aspects of the creation/evolution question, including how the gospel message is connected to Genesis. This video, by the way, has become somewhat popular on the web. It’s been picked up by other evolutionist sites and bloggers, including by a very aggressive evolutionist activist in Minnesota (who seems to have a large following; many skeptics are thus hearing the creation-gospel message!).

Also, be aware that the production quality of the video is modest. At the same time, we trust this video exchange will be enlightening to you—perhaps as you deal with evolutionary skeptics yourself.

Sad News—But Good News

I wanted to offer some sad—but celebratory—news as I follow up a blog item from June of last year.

Elizabeth M. of Ohio had been battling leukemia for some time, and she passed away last week. For much of the past two years she had been essentially housebound (other than visits to her doctor or to the hospital). Her immune system was so worn down that she risked catching a “bug” if she ran into people and then would not be able to beat it back.

What was the one thing that she wanted to do when she could get out and about? Visit our Creation Museum! In fact, she did last year. We even opened the museum early for her and her family so that she could avoid bumping into people and catching something.

Read the account from my 2008 blog item on our AiG friend.

Please pray for this family in Lebanon, Ohio. The memorial service for Elizabeth was on Saturday at Ridgeville Community Church in Springboro. We can be happy that she is no longer in pain and discomfort. Meanwhile, we sent a copy of my book How Could a Loving God . . . ? to the family. It answers the age-old question—why does a loving God allow suffering and death?

Florida This Sunday

This Sunday, I will be speaking morning and evening at Starkey Road Baptist Church in Seminole. You can find out details from the AiG website:


Subtly creeps

(Genesis 19:15) And when the morning arose, then the angels hastened Lot, saying, Arise, take thy wife, and thy two daughters, which are here; lest thou be consumed in the iniquity of the city.

The iniquity around us subtly creeps into our lives to destroy our ability to stand for God, our ability to discern between right & wrong, and our service to God.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying–including for Elizabeth’s family during their loss.


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