Are Creationists in Trouble?

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Are creationists in trouble, now that evidence for evolution just can’t be denied?! Well, according to the Boston Globe, evolution has been observed happening quickly. In an article entitled, “Cod in the Act of Evolution,” we read:

Evolution still brings to mind the kind of change that happens over millions of years, such as humans evolving from forerunners of apes.
Now, note how this sentence talks about millions of years and humans (the human kind) evolving from some ape-like ancestor (some ape-like kind). So, the writer is using the word evolution for ape-like-creature-to-human transition to set things up for the next statement. Then the author states:
But there is increasing evidence that species can evolve quite quickly, within our lifetimes, and that human intervention in the natural world is speeding up that process.
Notice the author using the words species and evolve. Keep in mind that species changing is something we observe and creationists write about. We have articles on this AiG website about species changing—but that is not evolution in the molecules-to-man sense.

Species can produce different species, but only within their kind! A biblical kind in most instances would be at the family level of classification. For instance, in yesterday’s blog I mentioned the kangaroo kind (or family). The article in the Boston Globe continues:

Take, for example, the cod fish, a New England icon. Cod, once plentiful in the region’s waters, are increasingly rare because of overfishing. But perhaps more important is the fact that large cod are especially rare. The reason: Decades of intense fishing for the largest cod have meant the species has evolved along the lines of the survivors, which is to say, smaller cod.
So, now, we have this example that cod supposedly “evolved”—and it happened in decades. Because of overfishing, the large cod have basically disappeared, and mainly small cod survive. You started with cod—and you still have cod. If you take those cod with genetic information for large size out of a population, and mainly those with genetic information for small size are left, then you now have more small cod now than large cod.

So in the same article, ape-like creatures turning into humans is “evolution,” and cod turning into cod is “evolution.” And because cod “evolve” into more cod, therefore “evolution” (such as ape-like creatures becoming humans) has to be true!

It is hard to believe, but secular evolutionary scientists are using such examples as this supposed cod “evolution” to indoctrinate students in public schools, colleges, etc. that Darwinian evolution—namely, ape-like creatures changing into people—is true! Creationists, of course, agree that such examples as overfishing large cod could lead to a population of smaller cod, but this has nothing to do with molecules-to-man evolution.

No, creationists are not in trouble. The fact is that this report actually confirms Genesis—that God created distinct kinds of animals after their kind. For instance, cod would reproduce cod (all sorts of sizes)—just as dogs would reproduce dogs (all sorts of sizes) etc.

It is so sad that examples such as the cod example above are used to indoctrinate the public that molecules-to-man evolution is true. Actually, such examples are the best evolutionist’s can do!

You can read the entire article here.

PhD Wowed by Creation Museum Visit

Do you remember my recent blog item about the visit of a former PhD evolutionist and university instructor who is now a keen creationist and using his PhD in geotechnical field work in California?

Well, he had a wonderful visit at the Creation Museum earlier this month. Here are excerpts of the email he sent to Mark Looy (who hosted him):

Mark: My thanks to you and Ken for the visit to the Creation Museum. It was fantastic!!!! I had been told by a friend that it was very impressive, so I was prepared—but it still blew me away. You guys have done a tremendous job of presenting Biblical Truth—and how our only hope is in salvation through Jesus Christ. As I walked through, I kept thinking of people I know and how I wished they were there with me so they could see for themselves.
The planetarium was wonderful and gives a lot of perspective of how vast God’s creation is! I attended Dr. Mortenson’s lecture at noon. It was excellent, well-organized, and very well attended. . . . The staff at the museum was great. Everyone was friendly and helpful, and a tribute to the organization. I was impressed by the number of families and school groups I saw. The bookstore was first class, and I took home more stuff than could fit in my luggage! Thank you, Ken, and all the folks at AiG for all you do in the Lord’s work.


Still proves

(John 12:37–38) But though he had done so many miracles before them, yet they believed not on him: That the saying of Esaias the prophet might be fulfilled, which he spake, Lord, who hath believed our report? and to whom hath the arm of the Lord been revealed?

Though disturbing, the persistent unbelief of many of the Jews (in spite of the miracles of creation and their own preservation) still proves that the Bible is true.

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