What Is the New Animal at the Petting Zoo?

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Many of you may remember my recent blog where I showed a photograph of our recent addition to the Petting Zoo at the Creation Museum and asked blog readers to see if they know the biblical kind it belongs to—and what its name should be.


(Image by Amanda Ketron)

Well first of all, let me share samples of some of the responses (and thanks to all of you who sent in emails—we do read them all). It is also thrilling to see people adding other comments about the ministry of AiG being a blessing to them as they sent in their answers:

  • . . . your question about the New Aussie in Petting area of Creation Museum. The mammal would appear to be a marsupial from the kind Macropod, and the common name would be kangaroo. Am I correct?? (Wes, from Australia)
  • [H]ey all at AiG, just answering ken’s blog question (2/20) about your new arrival at the petting zoo. . . . I believe this little guy came from the kangaroo family (kind), and he is a wallaby, looking forward to coming down in July for creation college, and visiting the petting zoo to see him! keeping you all in my prayers, (Beth, Wyoming)
  • Response to “New Down Under Resident and AIG” questions. 1. It belongs to the MARSUPIAL kind. 2. Its common name is KANGAROO (Lorraine, United Kingdom)
  • The picture looks like a Wallaby. As to what created ‘kind’ I’m not sure. It seems to be in the same kind as kangaroos? But all I know for sure is that it is a marsupial. Looking forward to finding out the answer! (Amanda, Ohio)
  • I am guessing on the Kangaroo kind and that this is a wallaby? Probably not since that seems too easy. By the way, my husband and I heard Dr. Snelling’s lecture in Pittsburgh PA last night and it was fabulous. (Kit, Pennsylvania)
  • I think the kind is : Marsupial and usually known as a Kangaroo. Thanks again for the website it is so helpful (David, England)
  • Ok...Biblical kind - Beast of the earth (Gen. 1:24,25) For common name - How about [naming it] Kenny? (Just kidding, couldn’t resist) It looks kinda small, so I’m going to say Wallaby which is of the marsupial kind. P.S.Thanks for the interaction—it’s fun. Thank you for your ministry—everything. . . . You have done so much, this side of Heaven for the glory of the Lord…Blessing to you, all at AiG and the WONDERFUL Creation Museum. (Cindy, Kentucky)
Okay–so what is the answer?
  1. Phylum: Chordata, subphylum: Vertebrata, class: Mammalia, order: Marsupialia, family: Macropodidae, otherwise known as the Kangaroo Family—one of Australia’s marsupials. The kangaroo kind includes wallabies, pademelons, etc. Only two of the kangaroo kind would have been represented on Noah’s Ark. After the Flood, different species eventually formed (through natural selection, adaptation, etc.).
  2. Genus and species: Macropus rufogriseus
  3. Common name: Bennetts Wallaby
From the Tasmanian (Australia) Parks and Wildlife website we read:
The Bennetts wallaby is one of Tasmania’s most commonly seen native animals. The species is also widespread in the southeast of mainland Australia, where it is known as the red-necked wallaby. Visitors to most of our national parks are highly likely to encounter these animals during their stay.


Often referred to as a kangaroo in Tasmania, males can weigh more than 20 kg [over 44 pounds] and stand up to 1.5 m tall [almost 5-feet]. They can be distinguished from the pademelon and Forester kangaroo by their black nose and paws, and white stripe on the upper lip.

So you can now see a member of the kangaroo family at the Creation Museum Petting Zoo. Make sure you come soon!


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