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In recent times, AiG has received an increasing number of requests pleading for us to speak in Canada—almost like the man from Macedonia—“please come to Canada.” People are hungry all over the world for the creation/gospel message. The harvest truly is plentiful and the laborers few. One could have many creation organizations in each country around the world and not come anywhere near meeting the great need—the great hunger—people have.

Here is just part of a report from Dr. Terry Mortenson’s recent ministry in Canada:

What a weekend in Canada . . . people were so hungry for the message. They bought literally all the books and DVDs we had. That’s a first for any seminar I have done. . . .

After both of my Sunday morning messages an assistant pastor of the church got up and greatly reinforced my message “Creation vs Evolution: Does it matter?” He told about an experience he had when he was 13 and hearing from a friend who told him (this was back in the 1960s) that his church had just announced that Sunday that they no longer believed Genesis 1–11 is true. This church was part of the largest Protestant denomination in Canada. The pastor explained that he has watched that denomination over the past four decades slide far from biblical truth—it now even ordains and marries homosexuals.

So, his comments provided a concrete example of exactly what I had explained about the foundational importance of Genesis for all other biblical doctrine. He also told the audience that he was so thankful that I had challenged everyone with the truth and authority of Scripture.

During the breaks and in the Q&A times at the two churches, people asked many of the usual questions about dating methods, distant starlight, the genetic similarity of apes and humans, how there could be light before the sun was created on Day 4, the canopy theory, how the animals got to all the continents after the Flood, etc. One young man asked if a person could be a Christian evolutionist.
And some of the responses:
A lady said that she got some resources to try to reach her 18-year-old son, who was walking away from the faith because of the teaching of evolution and was unwilling come to my lectures.

A medical doctor in his 40s told me that he has been a Christian for about four years and said, “I just want to thank you and AiG for what you do. It encourages and strengthens people like me to stand for the truth.”

A lady said after my talk on Sunday morning about why we can’t compromise with millions of years that she had been leaning toward the old-earth view, but now sees that she must reject that idea.

A history teacher, who is just beginning to learn about creation, brought his unsaved brother-in-law Sunday night for the “Noah’s Flood” and “Origin of Species” talks and the Q&A time. The teacher was so excited when he told me afterwards, “You answered three of the questions my brother-in-law asked in the car on the way to the church!”

Praise the Lord for opening the doors to allow Terry to minister to these hungry people.

Philosophy Class in Disarray

After hearing AiG speaker Carl Kerby speak recently, a philosophy student wrote concerning what happened in his class when he challenged the professor about evolution (and we have been assured this is an accurate description of what really occurred):
Thank you once again Mr. Kerby for the inspiration and the knowledge to do what is right in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ.
In an Introduction to Philosophy class, the professor was speaking about questioning everything—everything except Charles Darwin, because he couldn’t be proven false. He went on ranting about the perfections of the evolution theory; I reluctantly raised my hand and told him that I disagreed and believed the evidence pointed toward creation. I laid down my facts and beliefs, believing that he would be somewhat respectful of that belief [because of] his “question everything” theory.
After telling him this. . . he began pulling his hair, jumping on the desk, and hurling insults saying I didn’t know what I was talking about and was all wrong. He began to literally scream, just because of my belief. This got the class started in; it became atheist vs. Christian, evolutionist vs. creationist, student vs. professor, and even student vs. student, it was utter madness.
We are noticing more and more that many secular evolutionists react very emotionally when their evolutionist beliefs are questioned. They treat Darwin as an infallible figure (perhaps even their god)—evolution has become their religion.


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(Hosea 8:12) I have written to him the great things of my law, but they were counted as a strange thing.

The Bible is not for us a sterile, cold religious book, but it is a book of great things that are, best of all, written to us.

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