Our New Zonkey!

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As part the teaching aspect of our new petting Zoo, AiG will soon welcome its new addition—the Zonkey! We have all been kept up on the Zonkey’s expected arrival — and now that it has been born, it will soon be transported to the Petting Zoo. AiG will also be receiving a Zorse. This will help people understand how there can be great variety within an animal kind (with different species), but this is not Darwinian evolution — just variation within a KIND as one would expect based on Genesis 1. Horses, Zebras, and donkeys all belong to the same kind (the Horse Kind). A number of other animals are also on the way to the Petting Zoo to teach about KINDS —I will update you as they arrive.


Creation Ministry While on Vacation

Even on "vacation" AiG leaders tend to find themselves drawn to creation ministry in one way or another!

While in Peru last week to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, AiG VP of Media & Marketing, Dale Mason (who is also publisher of Answers magazine) and his wife Karen visited creation evangelists Creous and Elizabeth Ramdath of Lima. Dale saved "frequent flyer" miles for quite some time in order to surprise Karen with this special trip to Machu Picchu (the "lost city" of the Incas), over 8,000 feet high atop a remote mountain in the Andes. The Masons were quite intrigued by the high elevation architecture and the skill that was necessary to construct this ancient city, and found that experts are as unsure about the precise (unknown!) techniques for cutting and moving the massive stones as they are about the stones of the pyramids of Egypt. They were also struck anew by the realization that the people of Incan society were quite knowledgeable, and likely moved to this unique place within only hundreds of years after the dispersion at Babel.

After meeting the Ramdaths just last month when the Peruvian couple were at the Creation Museum as part of AiG's first-ever international training conference (sponsored by AiG's World Wide outreach), the Ramdaths invited the Masons to stay at their apartment and visit their ministry office. Dale shared that he and Karen even got to attend Sunday worship services at the Ramdaths' church and met afterwards with their pastor.

A highlight was when they came across a very special "story board" that is apparently a chronology of the Andean people. See the photos below.


Gold "story board" of Andean cosmology, beginning with Creation (includes symbols of creator, mother earth, rainbow, one man and one woman...)


Earth with rainbow on gold "story board" in Cuzco, Peru


Karen Mason in front of 11-cornered stone at Saqsayhuaman, Peru (100 tons of precisely quarried rock!)


Karen Mason points to stonework (small)


Machu Picchu (the Lost City of the Incas in the Andes mountains of Peru) last Friday


Steep terraced "Lost City" of Machu Picchu (Peru)


AiG VP Dale Mason and wife Karen at Machu Picchu (Peru)


AiG VP Dale Mason in the Incan "Lost City" of Machu Picchu (Peru)


The Masons and Ramdaths with Pastor Miguel Vasquez at their church in Lima, Peru (last Sunday)


Creous and Elizabeth Ramdath of CCLC (Centro Creacionista Latinoamericano Canopy) at their office in Lima, Peru (a very busy speaking schedule is posted on the bulletin board)


AiG VP Dale Mason consults Creous and Elizabeth Ramdath for effective distribution of AiG resources in Latin America

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