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A number of articles and television reports recently featured the 12-month anniversary of the opening of the Creation Museum (for instance, an Associated Press article appeared in a number of news sources). One such news report was featured by CBN:

Creation Museum Celebrates First Year May 29, 2008 <> - Northern Kentucky's Creation Museum is celebrating its first year of operation. It is also planning to expand its current offering of exhibits with interactive displays geared for children. Founder Ken Ham of the group Answers in Genesis says the planned additions include an outdoor playground and kiosks to be located throughout the facility. The group aims to educate the public directly rather than challenge public school boards to add creationism to their schools curricula. The museum supports the literal interpretation of the Bible, that God created not only all life on Planet Earth, but everything else in the universe. More than 400,000 people have visited the museum since it opened in 2007.
You can read the full article and watch the television news report at:


The New Answers Book has been AiG’s most popular selling title, and the most popular selling title of our publisher Master Books. This publication, in an easy to understand and succinct style, answers over 25 of the most asked questions on Genesis, creation/evolution, and related biblical authority topics. It has been so popular, that people have been pleading for more. So, Answers Book 2, with an ADDITIONAL set of questions answered (over 30) has been published and became available this past week.

37-5700-imageenlarge.jpgYou can purchase Answers books  directly from our online bookstore. Or, you can purchase both Answers books from the online bookstore for a special price.

While I was signing books in the Dragon Hall bookstore at the Museum this week, Answers Book 2 was flying out the door!


visiting-guests-5-26-08-002.jpg 1. Guests lined up in the Portico as they enter the Creation Museumgetting-tickets-5-23-08-040.jpg 2. The ticket office

veterans-visit-cm-5-26-08-018.jpg 3. Veterans visiting on our special ‘Veterans Day’/Memorial Day.

bd-interview-5-23-08-038.jpg 4. Buddy Davis being interviewed by CDR radio  (and Chad Bresson)

balloon-twisting-5-26-08-007.jpg 5. AiG speaker Carl Kerby twisting ballons for visitors

sheepshearing.jpg 6. Sheep shearing at the Petting Zoo

guests-5-23-08-076.jpg 7. Guests viewing some of the tremendous fossil displays


With the 12-month celebration of the opening of the Creation Museum, AiG’s Chief Communication Officer, Mark Looy has now updated the AiG history article on the AiG website. If you have never read this article, I encourage you to do so at:


It is always encouraging to get feedback like this:

It is my opinion that Answers In Genesis is the most important ministry in the world today. Above all other ministries of great importance I put Answers In Genesis at the top. Like the late Christian singer/songwriter Keith Green would say, I can sum up AIG… "No Compromise"…I love you guys at Answers in Genesis, you are exceptional, and are strengthening the faith of everyone I’m in contact with. Thank you for standing up for God's word, in a "no compromise" way

(Isa 28:21) For the LORD shall rise up as in mount Perazim, he shall be wroth as in the valley of Gibeon, that he may do his work, his strange work; and bring to pass his act, his strange act.

God is so all about love, redemption & mercy doing all for man to be saved that He calls judgment something strange for Him, a strange act & strange work.

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