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A reporter for the Kentucky Enquirer came out to the Creation Museum on Monday to ask about whether the rising gas prices are affecting numbers of visitors. Actually, we are finding that number is increasing. The Kentucky Enquirer report (front page on the local section) stated:

Creation Museum sees no sign of gas-cost woes …

PETERSBURG - Officials at the Creation Museum in Petersburg aren’t worried about continually rising gasoline prices when it comes to attracting tourists this summer.

The number of visitors they’ve had since their opening 11 months ago has them feeling positive that growth will continue, they say.

While museum officials projected about 250,000 people coming through the doors in its first 12 months, as of Monday, they had reached 375,000.

You can read the entire report at:

Knowing how many groups we have booked in this week, we will exceed the 380,000 number for visitors by Saturday! Just over a month to go for the 12 month anniversary.


We continue to receive great feedback from those who have seen the movie Expelled. Here is a sample of the sort of feedback coming in to AiG:

I wanted to thank Ken Ham for the article in the monthly flyer about the movie Expelled. I went and saw the movie, and it was one of the most moving and heart-touching films I have ever seen. I am telling everyone I know to go see Expelled [because] it was amazing. Thank you for informing us on this documentary. I will keep telling everyone about it. And I plan on seeing it again. Thank You and God Bless You.

We receive so many letters and emails daily at AiG. I like to select certain ones to put on my blog. I thought you would all enjoy this one:

Ever since we purchased the Answers in Genesis DVD and books about dinosaurs a few years ago when you spoke at Golden Hills Church, Brentwood, California, my five year old (then 3 yr old) has been enamored with the creation message. We thought he was too young to understand the DVD, but to the contrary, it became his most requested DVD. Now, our 2 1/2 yr old is equally enamored, and that DVD gets more play than any other one in our house! Our 5 yr old is so convicted about the truth of creation that he very matter-of-factly explains to classmates that the Flood killed dinosaurs, and you have become a household name in our home.
Last week, there was a limo in the Safeway parking lot, and this was a BIG limo . . . a stretch Escalade. I asked what he thought they might be doing at [the grocery store] Safeway (they were buying ice), and my son came back with, “I think they could be driving around Ken Ham’s family because he has five kids!”
I cracked up! You’re like part of our family, and we all sing “Billions of rock layers, laid down by water, all over the earth." You’ve made a huge difference in our family and filled in the gaps about true biblical creation so we can share that information with our Christian friends who believe in creation and evolution.
The question that you ask that clinched it for me was, “If we don’t believe the Bible meant seven days, at what point in the Bible are we going to start believing what it says?” Thank you SO much, and I hope my son was right . . . that you and your family ride around in a stretch Escalade limo! You certainly deserve it for all the persecution from unbelievers. Keep the faith!”
No—we don’t ride around in a stretch limo—but my wife does have a Kia Rio (the “poodle” of the car world, if you get my drift)—it is a very intelligent car—it always thinks a lot before responding to the accelerator!


We praise for the Lord for the way others are taking AiG material and getting the vital creation/gospel message to others:

I just wanted to tell Ken what I am doing with the booklets that are available from AIG. First or all, he will remember me as being the lady that came to the conference last year in July with the unsaved husband. I bought a lifetime membership last summer at the conference, and so far the passes have been used by friends twice. I want to bring some friends up as soon as I recover from a badly sprained ankle.

I have taken on a personal ministry to my church by setting up a display for 23 different booklets. I can only put 16 different ones in the rack at this time. They are being taken like crazy. As of today’s order, I have bought 1,125 of them. As of Sunday night, there have been 473 taken. I started this ministry with my first order on 12/18/07.

My pastor just loves the idea of having them available, and has read a copy of every one that I have put in the rack. We are building a new addition to the church, and a big part of it will be a youth wing. I already have permission to put a rack in the hall of that wing. That will give me much more space, and I will be able to display more of the different booklets without having to go back and forth between some of them because of lack of space. I am so excited and so blessed to be able to do this for AIG and for my church.


We had a great day Tuesday with our special visitors for the International Training Week. We had a flag ceremony at our staff meeting, and the visitors gave their testimonies about the ministry they are involved in. It was very humbling to hear how AiG materials have influenced them or were being used in their respective countries to bring people to Christ. I will share more about this with photos in another blog this week.



(Psalm 9:10) And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, LORD, hast not forsaken them that seek thee.

When we learned the import of the full name of the Lord Jesus Christ (Joshua savior, Christ anointed, Lord God) we worshiped & trusted Him as adequate.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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