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One of AiG’s Australian supporters told me he nearly had to “pick my wife up from the floor” when the contestants on a very popular nationally Australian Televised TV quiz show on ABC TV this past Sunday evening had a question for the contestants about the topic of creation—but the question actually asked where the Creation Museum in the USA was located!! Our supporter wrote:

Ken I thought you would be encouraged to know that the Creation Museum is common knowledge in Australia.

This nationally televised quiz program in prime time Sunday nights includes as one of it’s segments a number of general knowledge questions. The contestants get to choose a question based on a title. The titles read like a newspaper headline; so the question cannot be guessed from the headline.

Last night Sunday, 20 April @ 7:30 p.m., we were watching as is our habit when a contestant chose a question which had “Creation” in the headline. Well, I just about had to pick my wife up from the floor . . . because the question asked where the Creation Museum was located and gave three States from which to choose an answer.

Two of the 3 contestants got it right. I have no idea whether it was just a lucky guess!

There is also a panel of three “experts” who participate and needed to answer this question. As the experts discussed the question, one said that she was with a museum in Victoria. She volunteered that the Creation Museum was funded by 27 million in public subscriptions. Then she bemoaned the “fact” that her museum (which is subsidized by tax dollars) is always short of money. One of the other “experts,” trying to be funny suggested that it would have to be in the “state of denial.” Levity is common in the program. However, it is really sad for me to see the ignorance of the real facts of science. That man needs to do some serious research and get rid of his blinkers. The host said the museum was built in “seven days,” as an obvious mocking of the Creation Week in Genesis.

Keep on keeping on! The world needs your input.

On Thursday morning, I played the video clip segment from this quiz show for the AiG staff. It is only 1.5 minutes long, and I encourage you to watch it. The fact that the Creation Museum came up on this show, clearly illustrates how well known the Creation Museum is not just in Australia, but around the world. Watch the video clip. Our marketing consultant researched this program and found out between 1–3 million viewers watched this live in Australia.

You can go to the Einstein Factor website to see the question in print. Go to the following link:

Look on the left for “play the online quiz”—scroll down and you will see the question in print.


An Australian Christian Foundation sent AiG $25,000 to fund the petting zoo being built as part of the Creation Museum outreach here in Northern Kentucky (the Cincinnati area). We were looking for a petting zoo sponsor, and I was able to communicate the information to this foundation.

The petting zoo will be fun and probably very popular, but we will also use it as a teaching tool. We will have a lot of unique animals including a Zorse and a Zonkey (to illustrate variation within a kind). Today (Thursday), a pair of miniature donkeys is being delivered. Also coming are camels, llamas, miniature goats, peacocks, and a number of other interesting creatures.

As this has now been funded by an Australian group, we need to get some kangaroos!! Creation Museum staff are building all the pens etc. I hope to have an update with photos for you on this project on tomorrow’s blog. The Petting Zoo is scheduled to be open for the 1-year-Creation-Museum-anniversary celebrations—perhaps open for the week of May 19–24.


“What we think about”

(Leviticus 19:17) Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thine heart

God’s commandments are not only for what we do, but for what we think about.

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