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Current registration for our “Defending Your Faith in a Secular America” national conference in Branson this coming July has now topped 1,600—and the number is growing weekly! Many of the attendees that we have talked to say that they’re looking forward to the teaching that AiG offers—plus the opportunity to have a great family vacation during the same week in a great destination. If you haven’t registered yet, I encourage you to do so.

We’re very excited that Doug Phillips from Vision Forum and Dr. Voddie Baucham, along with AiG’s own Carl Kerby, will be joining me, July 15–18, to present 15 hours of apologetics teaching during our time together. Buddy Davis will also be there in concert, performing songs that have taught and inspired many thousands of adults and children over the years.

AiG has positioned the timing of the sessions to allow the participants free time during the day to catch a matinée show at one of the many theaters in the Branson area—or just relax at any of the other local attractions. Check out the conference schedule and all the other details at, and make plans now to join us for this wonderful gathering this summer!


On Saturday, Dr. Charles Ware (President of Crossroads Bible College of Indianapolis) and I did two book signings (one at a secular bookstore, the other at a Christian store) for the Darwin’s Plantation book which we co-authored. I have attached a photograph of the two of us at Berean Bookstore in Indianapolis. Today (Sunday) I will be speaking in Crossroads Bible Church at the morning and evening services.


Crossroads Bible College is one of the few colleges that stand uncompromisingly on the Word of God beginning in Genesis.


On Friday evening, AiG—along with radio station WJIE—co-hosted the Louisville, Kentucky, premiere of the great film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. Before the showing, AiG’s Mark Looy was interviewed by WJIE live in its studios, where he explained why AiG was heavily promoting Expelled–and that’s because it does a masterful job of exposing those evolutionists who want to expel people from schools and institutions who won’t accept evolution. Even with that kind of topic, the film manages to be very highly entertaining—and even funny. Then Mark drove to the cinema, where he spoke to an almost-full theater audience. It was an opportunity to mention our Creation Museum and invite them to visit and to ask the audience to look out for the evolutionists in the film who are shown protesting the opening of our Creation Museum last May (they are seen about 20 minutes into the film).

After the film, 8–10 people came up to Mark and told him they had visited our Creation Museum (about 1 ½ hours away) and raved about it. Mark also met up with AiG friends, the Troutmans, who had a “date-night” at Expelled while someone took care of their five children back home.

My friend George in southern California wrote us about our Expelled movie review found on our website:

Thanks for your excellent review of Expelled! Your Reagan-esque title is perfect! I saw the first showing in Redondo Beach this morning & enjoyed it . . . .
My absolutely favorite part was the animated sub-film, “The Casino of Life,” about 35 minutes into the movie, where [atheist Richard] Dawkins (in Homer Simpson style) kicks one of the ‘stupid’ slot machines!
Read our movie review of “Expelled” at:

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