Salvation Poem Cards Arrive at the Creation Museum

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On Thursday we received a tremendous blessing of five pallet loads of wallet-sized plastic cards with beautiful Creation Museum themed graphics. Most importantly, these cards feature Scripture verses associated with a prayer of salvation uniquely put into the form of a poem—The Salvation Poem. These cards are of such a quality that we believe most people will keep them—and those who are Christians can use them when witnessing to non-Christians.

These 500,000 Salvation Poem cards (enough for one year at the present rate of visitors coming to the Creation Museum) were custom designed (five unique designs) and donated to the Creation Museum by a very generous ministry supporter so that every museum guest will receive one at no charge. I have enclosed a photograph of me standing in front of the pallets at our receiving dock and pictures of the front and back of one of the cards. Our supporter developed the Salvation Poem as a way for new believers to easily remember their new step of faith in Christ and carry it with them wherever they go.

saldsc04179.JPG saldsc04184.JPG

Today our Guest Services staff in the Creation Museum began handing out the Salvation Poem cards to museum guests just before they saw the powerful The Last Adam gospel presentation. It is our prayer that the Lord will use the Salvation Poem cards to further impact museum guests for the kingdom of Christ.

saldsc04188.JPG saldsc04189.JPG

We have never hidden the fact that AiG/Creation Museum has an emphasis on standing on the authority of God’s Word and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. After people come out of the Last Adam presentation, we have a series of gospel booklets that people may take. Now they will receive this special card as they enter the 3 C’s area, just before the Last Adam Theater presentation.

Please pray that all these items will be used to challenge people concerning the gospel.


AiG’s International Training Week begins Monday. Our special guests from a number of different countries arrive today (Saturday). As part of the preparation for this special week (see my last blog entry giving more details), Creation Museum staff on Friday began putting up the flags of the countries represented (see photographs), banners, and other items throughout the museum.

ken-gomer-cutter-guests-flags-4-18-08-005.jpg ken-gomer-cutter-guests-flags-4-18-08-006.jpg

I will be speaking to these Christian leaders on Monday concerning the importance/relevance of the book of Genesis and then spending time training them on how to give such a talk themselves. They will be receiving a number of presentations like this from many of our speakers/researchers.

Please be in prayer for this special week.


I trust you have seen Ben Stein’s new movie, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. If not, click here to find the nearest theater showing the movie. Then, take a friend (or better yet, a whole group of friends!) to watch and discuss it together over dessert! Do this as soon as possible to help ensure that this amazing, much-discredited (by evolutionists!) documentary stays in theaters as long as possible.

We urge you to use Expelled as a tool for outreach. We agree that it will be a very popular “evolution-busting” tool to expose the lack of academic freedom in America’s schools today. Once you’ve seen Ben Stein you’ll want to equip yourself and help your friends. That’s why we’ve assembled an incredibly low-priced value pack of Creator-affirming materials, plus you’ll even receive an exclusive coupon good for $5 off Expelled at as soon as the film is available to us on DVD!

This valuable action kit—with two of our top-selling books, two excellent DVDs, an 11x17 full-color poster, and the special edition issue of Answers magazine that includes an exposé of government education—plus our exclusive $5 savings coupon—is only $19.99! (that’s a $64 value, and it’s a limited-time offer specially designed to help you and your church to “get the word out” about the evolutionary stranglehold on education in today’s schools). The lie of evolution must be exposed! Order several kits now, while the fervor and interest created by Ben Stein and Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed is much in the news!

Email this special offer to your pastor, youth pastor, friends, and others. Click this link for the offer:

Let’s get the word out!

This kit includes;

Evolution Exposed – BOOK ($15.99) War of the Worldviews – BOOK ($12.99) Creation: Science Confirms the Bible is True – DVD ($12.99) Answers magazine 2.3 – MAGAZINE ($7.00) Artificial Authority – DVD ($12.99) Popular Origins Beliefs – POSTER ($1.99) Expelled DVD $5 OFF Coupon ($5.00)

($64 retail value / $19.99 special price)


If you haven’t read AiG’s lead article for Friday reviewing the Expelled movie, I urge you to do that now: Dr. Dawkins, Tear down This Wall!

One of AiG’s supporters wrote:

I want to commend you for one of the most excellent reviews I’ve have EVER read, and this one pertaining to the film Expelled. It is one of the most thorough, well-written, concise, and objective reviews that would stand alone as completely acceptable as well as Christ-honoring pieces I have seen. Thank you. Well done, good and faithful servant of Him.

Today (Saturday), Mally and I travel to Indianapolis for book signings at a Borders bookstore and a large Christian bookstore. Dr. Charles Ware and I co-authored the book Darwin’s Plantation dealing with the origin of “races,” racism, evolution’s connection to racism, etc. We will be signing books today—and then tomorrow (Sunday) I will be speaking in Dr. Ware’s church (Crossroads Bible Church in Indianapolis) in the morning and at a special “unity’ service in the evening.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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