First Ever International Training Seminar at AiG

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We are excited to inform you that next week Answers WorldWide is hosting its first International Training Seminar at AiG. We will have 10 internationals here from six different countries—Saipan, Hong Kong, Albania, Slovakia, Israel, and Peru. The museum will be beautifully decorated for this event, and the café will have an international menu in addition to its usual items. See samples of banners specially made as part of the Museum decorations for this historic event.

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We have a special treat for AiG staff devotions on Tuesday and Thursday mornings (April 22 & 24). Tuesday morning we will have a flag ceremony and introductions of each of the 10 internationals, and Thursday we will hear from one of the participants about the Chinese DVDs, which were filmed in Saipan.

This Sunday (April 20), people will have the exciting opportunity to hear one of our Israeli scientists attending ITS who is working on his doctorate in archaeology. He will be speaking at Big Bone Baptist Church at the 8:30 and 11:00 morning services.

I praise the Lord for Dr. Crandall’s vision to begin our International Training program. This is a totally subsidized event (and we pray that God’s people will continue to support this yearly venture with donations and prayer). Each year, we are planning on bringing Christian leaders/pastors etc. from countries around the world to AiG/Creation Museum to train them in speaking, answering questions, etc.–and then providing them with a library of books. They will then go back into their countries equipped to be able to conduct effective creation evangelism in churches and in ther culture as a whole.

Please pray for this intensive week. The participants arrive this Saturday.


Don’t miss the Expelled movie that is showing in theatres across the nation beginning today. Make sure you read today’s lead article on the AiG website about the Expelled movie! This movie could open a lot of people’s eyes as to what is going on in this culture—and we believe it could indirectly drive people to the Creation Museum for answers.


Hundreds of people each week are subscribing to Answers magazine—the subscription base is growing faster than we ever imagined. And the feedback continues to encourage us on a daily basis. I thought this one particularly interesting to share with you about a “war” that occurred in a household over Answers!

So, all is calm and quiet on a beautiful Saturday morning in [our] household (amazing, considering there are 3 boys under the age of 10!!). THEN, Mom tries to innocently steal a few moments of reading time alone. Answers magazine lies open to the article on the Tower of Babel. SUDDENLY, war erupts between all the boys AND husband, fighting over the magazine. “Look at the fossil of the fish having a baby!” “ I want to see!” “I’m trying to figure out the language thing!” “Cool—look at the twins!” “Look at the beautiful scales on those butterflies!” Needless to say, I thank you for coming into my home, stirring up interest and passion about all things created by God! You make it fun, beautiful, fascinating, and always an opportunity to learn and marvel!! Bless you, and keep up the incredible job you're doing!!
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(Pro 16:17-18) The highway of the upright is to depart from evil: he that keepeth his way preserveth his soul. Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

It takes humility to brand what we did as evil and to turn from it, failure to be humble is to send out an invitation for a great fall.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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