“I Had a Lot to Unlearn”

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One of the students in AiG’s Foundations in Creation Apologetics online class in an answer as to what were the dangers of believing in theistic evolution, stated (from their own experience):

Theistic Evolution teachings caused me to look at the Bible as just stories, made God uninvolved and disinterested in me and us, separated Old and New Testaments as totally unrelated to each other, and caused great confusion as to why Jesus would die for our sins—and if He rose from the dead where was He.
I thought it important you read the entire answer this student gave as there are some important lessons to learn from it:
. . . [T]hrough much of my adulthood I wanted to believe and understand but couldn’t reconcile it all. So, God became God of the gaps for me . . . . I put Him in a box and stored Him away because it was simply easier that way. When He came out of that box and rattled my life, and I was saved, I had to deal with it. Once I accepted that the Bible was God’s Word and my God was infallible— then His Word must be infallible—I went through each line of Genesis looking at it from God’s view, not what I had been taught (man’s view). Then and only then did it all start making sense . . . and He was no longer filling gaps because there were no gaps.
Just as a note: I was raised Catholic, went to Catholic grade school and high school (both of which taught me theistic evolution), then on to Cal Poly University where evolution was the only thing taught. I earned my degree with a thesis on “The biochemical origins of life,” for which I received an A. I still have that document as a reminder of who I was . . . and am so grateful for who I am now 35 years later!

Bill Jack is well known to AiG, as he is a Christian worldview speaker who has spoken at some of our conferences, and we sell his powerful video presentations. Apparently Bill Jack will appear on ABC–TV’s Nightline program tonight. They will show him going through a secular science museum and using the displays to talk about “Young Earth Creationism.” John Donvan from Nightline was at the Creation Museum two years ago and did a lot of filming—so it will be interesting to see if the Creation Museum gets a mention on this program.


Last week before I headed off to Georgia to speak at a church, I was interviewed here at AiG by radio teacher Dr. Lasserre Bradley Jr. Pastor Bradley hosts a nationwide program called “The Baptist Bible Hour.” His church is across the river from us in Cincinnati, and he will be hosting a Bible conference/“radio rally” at his church this summer–with Dr. Terry Mortenson of our staff as a keynoter. I was recorded for a program that will air in a few weeks and that will promote the national conference.

Go to this web address to find out about Dr. Bradley’s “Creation Weekend” of Bible teaching in July, which includes a visit to the Creation Museum (only about 30 minutes from the host church):



Recently I included a blog item about a group of young people who wore “I love Ham” shirts to the program I spoke at in Georgia. One of them responded to that blog:

Hello! It’s Christy . . . one of the “I love Ham” people! We were all so excited to see our picture on your blog! Thank you so much for your ministry and for taking the picture with us. We had a lot of fun and loved your talks. We also can’t wait to bring a group up to the Creation Museum! Keep up the good work!!!

An Associated Press article that has been making the rounds in various news sources across the world has appeared in the Los Angeles Times. It states:

But now people like Ken Ham are tearing evolution to pieces.
Ken Ham is the founder of Answers in Genesis, a Kentucky-based organization that is part of an ambitious effort to bring creationist theory to Britain and the rest of Europe. McLean is one of a growing number of evangelicals embracing that message—that the true history of the Earth is told in the Bible, not Darwin's "The Origin of Species."
You can read the entire article at:

http://www.latimes.com/news/custom/scimedemail/la-fg-euevolution16mar16,0,5566361.story LAS VEGAS

Today I speak at a special luncheon for Christian media, and then a meeting this evening at a local church in Las Vegas. As I walked around Las Vegas yesterday with my two brothers (who are in the USA for a financial planning conference), I was reminded of Sodom and Gomorrah. Pray for the churches here as they witness to such a pagan culture.


Come up and be there

(Exo 24:12) And the LORD said unto Moses, Come up to me into the mount, and be there: and I will give thee tables of stone, and a law, and commandments which I have written; that thou mayest teach them.

In our daily quiet times with God we can go through the motions, but not really be there, we receive those vital words from Him when we come up & be there.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.




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