Does AiG Believe Evolution to be Foundational to All That Is Evil?

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Recently, the student newspaper of the Southern Methodist University reported on a lecture presented by cellular biologist and Brown Univ. Professor Dr. Kenneth Miller.  Kenneth Miller is no stranger to the creation/evolution debate, and has made many quite negative comments about AiG and the Creation Museum.  The paper reported:

Thursday night, cellular biologist and Brown Professor Dr. Kenneth Miller gave a speech on what the collapse of intelligent design means for science and faith in America in his lecture entitled, "Is it Time to Abandon Darwin?" Miller quickly cut the tension in the room with his opening statement of a loud and clear, "No."
Evolution has been a controversial topic since its beginnings with Charles Darwin. Currently, evolution still stands as a hot topic in the political realm as Miller showed a question from a presidential debate taken less than two months ago which asked: "How many of you on stage do not believe in evolution?" Miller even attested to having testified in court as an expert witness in Georgia and Pennsylvania in cases questioning the legitimacy of evolution.
At this point, Miller asked the audience, "Why is evolution under attack?" Colleagues and fellow scientists of Miller have asked if a certain kind of fossil or a certain type of gene mapping would help convince people like Ken Ham, the leader of a Creationist group known as Answers in Genesis, who believes evolution to be the foundation for all that is evil including pornography, abortion and homosexuality, that evolution is real.
If this question/answer is reported accurately (as I suspect it is as we’ve seen such outlandish comments made by evolutionists many times before), then once again evolutionists have shown they have not done very good research.  I have stated (and AiG has articles stating)  that we DO NOT believe “evolution to be the foundation for all that is evil including pornography, abortion and homosexuality . . . .” SIN is the reason such things exists.  However, what evolutionists don’t want to listen to (or admit to) is that when you take generations of students (as is done in the public school and secular University Education systems) and teach them they are just animals that have evolved by natural processes—then if they build a worldview consistent with this belief, there is no absolute morality—it is whatever one wants to do, if they can get away with it in the culture they live in.

The student from Finland recently believed he was just an evolved animal, and so he acted consistently with this as he sadly shot and killed a number of people.

The point we make is that the teaching of Darwinian evolution and millions of years,  etc., has caused many people to reject the Bible as being the Word of God and thus build a secular worldview with a belief in moral relativism.  Keep in mind there was homosexual behavior before Darwin (e.g., Sodom and Gomorrah); there was abortion before Darwin (e.g., with the Romans).  It is ridiculous to say that AiG believes evolution to be the foundation for all that is evil!

I know secular evolutionists mock what we believe at AiG, but surely they can try to at least do good research so they can state the truth about us—but then again, if they truly believe in naturalism, I guess truth is whatever they decide it is because there are no absolutes!

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Today, Mally and I are in Sugar Creek, Ohio. I am speaking four times at a church in the predominantly Mennonite/Amish area.  Then tomorrow we go to Indianapolis where I speak to a few hundred Lutheran Teachers and Pastors.

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