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I have included a photograph of Dr. David Menton speaking at Murray State University in Kentucky. AiG speakers end up doing quite a number of such meetings throughout the area as pure outreach. Please pray for these meetings.



AiG’s good friend from Liberty University, Dr. David DeWitt (professor of Biology at Liberty University, Center for Creation Studies: www.liberty.edu), sent me a powerful testimony posed in the discussion board of the Creation Studies 290 class at Liberty University; I might also add that Dr. DeWitt recently published a book called Unraveling the Origins Controversy (which you can purchase from Liberty or from Answers in Genesis).

The students are asked to interview three people with a series of questions about origins. I wanted to share this one with you because I thought that it would encourage you.

David DeWitt:

One of the people that I interviewed was my wife. She is a physician who was saved as a teenager, but raised in a moderately liberal environment and attended public education throughout her life. In discussing this topic, she revealed her struggles to make evolution fit into Genesis 1, because she was taught to believe, as a biology major, that macro-evolution had to happen, since there was so much “proof.” She always believed that God created the world, and she also believed in the fall of Adam and Eve, as well as a global Noah’s flood to explain the fossils of sea animals in the mountains. However, she still struggled to fit in billions of years because “science showed it.” She believed that each “day” in Genesis could have taken millions of years, that it was not to be taken literally as a 24-hour “day,” and that evolution was man’s way of explaining God’s creation.About 6 months ago, Ken Ham came to speak at our church about Answers in Genesis, and things started making sense to her that the earth could not be billions of years old as the world said. The main point that opened her eyes was that sin and death could not have been in the world before the fall of Adam and Eve, and therefore, evolution could not have occurred as “scientists” contend, since it requires death to occur. After that realization, the other “evidence” started falling apart and did not support evolution as strongly, especially since so much of the dating mechanisms conflict with each other.

Since then, we have been watching videos from Answers in Genesis and learning more about creation together. She says that it has only strengthened her faith in God and Jesus and helped her to grow closer to them. Thank God for that ministry.


On the days I am at the office, I do at least one lecture for museum visitors in the SFX auditorium and then a book signing in the bookstore. I’ve enclosed a photograh of the booksigning after my lecture yesterday.



Creationists have often stated that just like dogs, they believe all cats (the big and small) are probably all one kind. Here is a news item that helps substantiate that:

A specially-bred hybrid cat which looks like a miniature leopard has gone on sale in the US—for nearly £17,000.The modified moggy, named an Ashera, is described by its creators as the largest, rarest and most exotic domestic cat in the world.

It is the result of breeding the African Serval, the Asian Leopard and an ordinary domestic cat.

The Ashera is similar to the average household cat in shape, and eats normal dried cat food.

But it has the markings of its wild cousins and is bigger, standing four feet high on its hind legs.

You can read the article at:


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