Has the church adopted a pagan religion?

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One of the things I have been saying in my talks is that when Christians/church leaders adopt millions-of-years/evolutionary ideas into the Bible, in reality they are doing what the Israelites did in adopting pagan religious ideas into their worship etc. In reality, Darwinian evolution is a way of thinking to explain life without God—in adopting evolutionary ideas into the Bible, Christians are doing exactly the same as the Israelites—adopting the anti-God religion of today and undermining the Word of God. It was therefore interesting to receive this email from the United Kingdom:

“It is such a strange thing to realize, when Jesus saves you, that some of the greatest challenges a Christian faces comes from other Christians.

“It saddens me to the extent that I find reading the prophets of deep significance and poignancy. Men crying out to a nation who turn to the attraction of worldly ideas before they trust in the God who chose and created them. I recently spoke to a fellow in my congregation who spoke of the 'incredible beauty' of evolution. The 'amazing wonder' of God at work in an 'ever improving' universal creative mechanism. It was plain from his hints that he felt that I was spiritually blind.

“The prophets often stood alone for the truth. Death is the great enemy. It is not beautiful. Israel was sedduced from following the True God by the goddess they thought possessed the power in all that seemed natural.

“Evolution is an Ashtoreth pole.We must proclaim the truth until it is cut down and burned. Bless you AiG for helping us all to stand on His Word.”


You can get to this incredible website for kids at www.KidsAnswers.org or on the front page of www.answersingenesis.org.


AiG materials are being distributed around the world. Praise the Lord that we have the freedom to distribute materials in many countries so people can hear the gospel. Pray that the Lord continues to allow that freedom to distribute AiG resources so Christians can be equipped and non Christians challenged. Some would like nothing more than to stop AiG distributing materials in countries around the world. Here is a message received from a pastor who delivered materials to a missionary in Bulgaria:

“I have successfully delivered the 3000 AiG booklets to Brother Jeff Krontz from Couriers for Christ in Bulgaria. They are preparing for a great outreach in the capital Sofia now in September and I am happy I was able to help in arranging for those booklets to be printed. It is great joy that they wanted to use the AiG materials we were able to translate in Bulgarian. I am 100% sure there will be great results for the Kingdom as I know how tremendously effective the AiG method is here in post-communist Bulgaria and the whole Balkan region. My heart only brakes that we can’t have more of the wonderful AiG materials in our language. I pray fervently the Lord will see the need and he will find a way!!! Again it was honor for me to serve the Lord together with you! I am more than willing to help in any other future occasion!!! I have attached two pictures of Brother Jeff with the booklets as they were delivered to him in Sofia as I promised. [I have included one of the photographs in this blog.] Be abundantly blessed!!!”

Last night, after I finished speaking at Stevens Street Baptist Church in Tennessee, a woman started screaming out at me from the back of the auditorium. Apparently she is one trying to stop the Gideons handing out Bibles and get prayer out of school graduations etc. etc. Someone told me she was connected with the ACLU. At one stage she was screaming out that I made $13 million dollars!!—I'm not sure if she was referring to the money spent on the Museum or whether she was just deliberately making false statements—but she was certainly very belligerent making false accusations. The sound person at the church then began playing some loud music to drown her yelling out. She eventually left—but of course, she never came to talk to me personally—she was just there to disrupt—which tells you a lot about these sort of people.

However, regardless of a screaming woman, I had so many come to me and give testimony of how the AiG ministry has changed their lives. One man came and said “I have to tell you, I got very angry after your talk—angry at myself. You challenged me.” Another person told me they realized they needed to give up the Gap Theory. A junior at college couldn’t thank me enough for what this ministry had done in equipping her to be able to stand as a Christian. A pastor told me how he was using AiG resources in preaching to his church. Another pastor presented me with a set of CDs of the talks he gave to his church on this subject of using AiG resources. There were so many other testimonies that I just praise the Lord.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.

Mally and I are on our way home today (a five hour drive).


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