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While visiting my dad this week in my hometown of Gallatin, Tennessee, I ran into one of my former patients wearing a WPOS hat. He was excited to tell me that his son works as a DJ at WPOS in Holland, Ohio. WPOS Radio is sponsoring an AiG Conference with Dr. David Menton and me on August 24-25. His son has been letting folks know that his parents’ doctor will be one of the speakers as he promotes this event.

Friday, I had the pleasure of speaking on “Why Genesis Matters” at the “Calling America Back to God” Bible Conference at Corinth Baptist Church in London, Kentucky. About eighty pastors and church leaders heard from a number of fine speakers. “Why Genesis Matters” is a reminder that calling America back to God requires calling Christians back to the foundations in Genesis and the authority of God’s Word.

Keep praying!

Tommy Mitchell

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