Family Camp—full of challenges

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(Guest blog by Dr. Georgia Purdom)

A few weeks ago many other speakers and I were involved with the AiG Family Camp at the Higher Ground Conference Center in West Harrison, IN. I left the conference feeling very challenged as to what plans God had for me in regards to my family and the unsaved in this world.

It was exciting to hear Brian Edwards from England talk about the trustworthiness of the Bible. I especially enjoyed his talk about the British Museum and how many of its artifacts correlate with the Bible. I really want to visit the museum and use the book he has written on this topic as a guide. Now if I can only get my husband to agree to fly to England!

Equally enjoyable were the talks by Stephen Ham from Australia (Ken’s youngest brother). The brotherly banter between him and Ken was truly hilarious! He really challenged me in two ways: what kind of legacy am I leaving my child and how can I use creation evangelism to reach the lost. He said the goal of an average parenting course is to teach parents about behavior modification of children. I have a strong-willed child, so I can attest to spending some time doing this! However, Stephen stated that we need to realize the sufficiency of Scripture and that our goal as parents should be the sanctification of our children. We need to teach our children that the Bible is the full and only authority which will lead them to using an exegetical framework to understand the Bible (vs. eisegetical which holds man as the full and only authority). I am looking forward to using the new curriculum he is developing in association with AiG called Answers for Life, which will help people use creation evangelism to reach the unsaved.

Bill Jack, faculty member at Worldview Academy, challenged us to counter our culture. I know I personally miss out on opportunities to do this every day. Bill spoke of the importance of engaging people in conversation and gave some great tips for doing this in addition to showing several personal examples of how he has done this. We need to be engaging our hairdresser, our waitress, teens in our church, and numerous others. We have the truth; we just need to get it out there!

Don’t worry if you couldn’t join us. Many of the talks are in production for DVDs. If you were able to attend the conference, I know you were challenged too. If not, I know you will be challenged once you view these DVDs.

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