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We are receiving more and more feedback from churches using AiG material. This is thrilling to us as churches take up the task of disseminating information from AiG to people in their community. Here is one example of such feedback:

It was a pleasure for our family (my wife Carla - natively of Honduras) to attend the AIG conference this weekend. Buddy Davis was a huge hit with our children - Monique and Cristina! Buddy is a real treasure of man - it is easy to see his humbleness before our powerful God. Attached is a picture of us with you - we are one of the true cross cultural families.

Your Spanish CDs… have been delivered to the Great Commission Latin America organization's leadership pastoral staff. The feedback I have gotten thus far has been that the DVDs are "VERY EXCELLENT". More feedback to come if you are interested....I suspect they will be used all over Latin America.

Our church, Evergreen, in the Twin Cites is using the AIG materials for an entire summer long focus for all children from the very youngest to college age. This fall we will be likely kicking off a creation series - which I am helping the pastors consult on. Possibly we could even request an AIG speaker...


A supporter wrote:

Just wanted to congratulate Ken on The George Washington Award. Ken you truly have stood in the face of the storm and weathered it. Jesus smiled the day the museum opened. Have a wonderful Day and may God bless every second of it.

I do count it a real honor for AiG and the Creation Museum that recently I received (on behalf of the AiG ministry) the “George Washington Man of the Year” award from Vision Forum. If you didn’t get to read the article, then you can read it on our AiG website.

I am writing this from Denver airport (Sunday) as I wait for my flight that gets into Cincinnati a midnight! I spoke twice this morning with a special Father’s Day message! I had many people tell me how much the AiG ministry has meant to them—one man told me last time I spoke in this church it changed his life. He is now organizing to bring his family out to the Creation Museum. A teenager (with his Dad) came and argued about the existence of God and the reliability of the Bible. He quoted things about evolution he was taught at school—a sad result of public school education. I don’t know if I challenged him—don’t know his name—but please pray for him. He was rather antagonistic to Christianity—I suspect his father got him to attend church to hear me.

I have included a photograph of gardeners working at the Creation Museum.

Grounds Worker

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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