American patriotic award goes to an Aussie

An unusual recognition at the Jamestown Quadricentennial in Virginia

by Mark Looy on June 12, 2007

At Vision Forum's opening night ceremony in Hampton, Virginia (south of Jamestown), AiG-U.S. President Ken Ham received (in absentia) a distinct patriotic honor.

Vision Forum of San Antonio, Texas has temporarily relocated many of its staff to Virginia this week as they hold a series of special events commemorating America’s 1607 founding in Jamestown.1 It’s all part of a week-long event that VF has organized called The Jamestown Quadricentennial (1607-2007): A Celebration of America’s Providential History. This commemoration is intended to spotlight the role played by the Jamestown colonists in introducing Christian-based legal principles and liberty to North America,2 thus helping to lay a foundation for America's "Founding Fathers" to build upon some 175 years later.

At Vision Forum's opening night ceremony in Hampton, Virginia (south of Jamestown), AiG-U.S. President Ken Ham received (in absentia) a distinct patriotic honor (especially considering that Ken is an Australian by birth, but is now also a U.S. citizen): the George Washington Man of the Year Award.

Here is the background to this award provided by Vision Forum:

“Last night I participated in a standing ovation for Ken Ham at Vision Forum's “Jamestown 400 Celebration” and for [his receiving] the George Washington Award. Tell him ‘congratulations’ from me! (And that is really saying something, because I very rarely use exclamation points.)”

—T.C., Georgia, U.S.

Extraordinary times require extraordinary men. George Washington was a giant of a man—uniquely crafted by the Lord and providentially raised up for a defining moment in our history. He was God’s tool to bring military victory to the cause of independence, to oversee the crafting of our Constitution, and to shape and define the meaning and nature of the American Presidency.

As we progress into the twenty-first century, the future of Americans again seems uncertain. The urgency of the hour is for unflinching, stalwart men—men who boldly proclaim the law of God—to stand with might in the very gates of the land, fighting in the defining battles of our generation.

Each year, Vision Forum gives the George Washington Man of the Year Award to recognize and honor that man who most clearly demonstrates, through their public courage, the stalwart spirit and mature leadership of the General himself.”

Ken has written and spoken extensively on reclaiming the American culture for biblical truths. It is one of the themes of an exhibit inside the newly opened Creation Museum, and also the topic of Ken’s popular DVD Genesis: The Key to Reclaiming the Culture.


  1. Some historians dispute the claim that America as a nation started in Jamestown in 1607. There are other claimants. For example, some have cited New York City/Manhattan as a better choice. However, that city was discovered by Europeans in 1609 by a crew led by Henry Hudson (two years after the settling of Jamestown), and they did not set up a government that had much hint of the democratic principles that would later be adopted by America’s Founding Fathers. St. Augustine, Florida was settled by the Spanish in the 1500s, but the Spaniards did not establish democratic institutions of any note.
  2. We Americans must also remember that little liberty, though, was afforded African slaves who toiled in Jamestown in the 1600s and into the 1800s. At the same time, and within a few years of its founding, Jamestown nevertheless had the first representative government in America (1619).


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