Australian Christian Calls AiG/Creation Museum Staff “Pioneers”

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I’ve often used the term “pioneer evangelism” when talking about the AiG/Creation Museum ministry. We liken the AiG thrust to that of Paul when he spoke to the Greeks in Acts 17. Paul had to be a “pioneer” and “plough the ground” first so that the Greeks would understand the gospel message. It was thrilling this week to receive a message from an Australian Christian who sees this ministry as a pioneer one:

Hi . . . I am an Australian Christian. I strongly support the truth of creation and that we have all been designed by a loving God. I also Love science and believe that God created it for us to enjoy and explore. I believe that if the Bible is used as a foundation of our understanding of the world, then we can truly stand in awe at the wonder of nature. If We have teachers who understand that they are truly valued and made by a God who knows the number of hairs on our head, I would want those teachers spreading that same sense of value on my children. To Ken Ham and all the staff involved in the Creation Museum, you are truly Pioneers, keep defending the faith with sound doctrine and a Christ centered testimony.

Pastor Thankful for Free Downloads

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your selfless work in the area of science. I just downloaded a powerpoint presentation to be used in our church service tonight. The fact that you would let people freely download educational materials shows me that you’re not in this just for the money. Keep up the good work AIG! My family and I hope to visit the museum in October.

Creation Museum Customer Service Noticed

It has been our privilege to already see the museum “in evolution”. We were among the 1,000+ who lingered around the Creation Museum for hours on May 21. We were in Ohio, the state of my husband’s roots, for another event and wanted to include the Creation Museum in our visit. For health reasons, we do not expect to ever be back in that area. We were deeply impressed with our visit. We share the message of the museum and Answers Ministries and will continue to follow your progress. We were also deeply impressed with the level of customer service granted by all Museum employees and workers. Maybe a future ministry could be training customer service employees for other employers!

They Keep Coming

Another great day at the Creation Museum on Wednesday. I've included a photograph of people lining up for the Men in White program.

Visitors at the Creation Museum

I will be in Denver Friday, Saturday, and Sunday speaking at a Home Educators Conference and then in two church services Sunday morning. You can find out more information about these events from our events calendar.

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