Salvation testimonies—that's what AiG is all about

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Dr. Menton and I spoke at 1st Baptist Church of Johnson City (NY) on Sunday morning to around 1000 people. (All told, including the Friday/Saturday conference in New York, we spoke to over 2500 people).

We again received many great testimonies. One man told us that he had watched a set of AiG videos (someone invited him to church to watch them)—and as a result, he committed his life to Christ. A young lady told us that information from AiG was integral in her becoming a Christian.

We receive testimonies like this on a regular basis—and at almost every speaking engagement we conduct. How we praise the Lord, as this is what the biblical creation movement is all about—people being won to the Lord.


On the weekend, a helicopter landed at AiG to pick up the large new HVAC unit (air conditioning) to lift it into place on the room above the new deck. This unit will air condition the Portico that has been filled in to help cope with the large crowds expected at the Creation Museum. I have enclosed photographs of the helicopter as it lifted the HVAC unit into place.

setting-HVAC-down4-22-.jpg flight-over-pomd4-22-.jpg helicopter-lifts-HVAC4-22-.jpg

I had SO MANY people at the New York conference (and the church Sunday morning) tell me they were coming to the Creation Museum. Many said they were bringing other family members—some even talked of bringing busloads of people! Excitement is growing for this major event in Christendom—keep praying for May 28. Satan does not like what is happening and we have experienced (and expect more) "attacks" to distract from this phenomenal new outreach that will soon minister to thousands (actually, millions).

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