90-year-olds organizing bus tour to Creation Museum

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Last week the Lord once again reminded me of the brevity of life and the responsibility we have to those we leave behind.  An elderly couple who have a heart for the authority of Scripture and the message of Answers in Genesis gave a donation to the ministry, and I contacted them to thank them for their kindness. During the conversation, my mind retreated to the first time I met Walt and Margaret.  It was 1998 and they joined us for one of our Down Under Tour Trips to New Zealand and Australia.  It didn't take long to realize that Walt had a “zest” for the life the Lord had given him.  With awe the tourists watched this then 76-year-old man gleefully hang glide down a mountain in Queenstown, New Zealand.  At that time, he was over 30 years my senior and I wasn't even “game” to do it!

This precious couple and I, over the years, became good friends and kept in touch with each other on a regular basis.  In their elderly years, they have taken upon themselves the responsibility to ensure their church and especially their young people are equipped with answers to be able to defend their faith.  They have continually ordered materials for their church library and encouraged friends to visit Answers in Genesis and our web site whenever possible.  Their real burden is the youth in their church, and even though they are both in their 90's, they are organizing a tour bus to bring their youth group to the museum this summer---even though they themselves cannot come.

It was a very emotional moment as Walt stated very factually that he can hardly walk now and is almost blind.  He informed me that he and Margaret will never be able to physically see the museum but realize how critical the message is for our culture today.  My heart was warmed to realize that this precious couple understands where our culture is and the urgency to reach it.

As we were closing our conversation, I thanked Walt and Margaret for their friendship and their passion for the Word of God.  Without missing a beat, Walt very humbly stated that he knew the Lord would take him home soon, and he was ready.  Even more impacting, I can still hear him saying as we hung up the phone, “I see this as just a way for me to leave a legacy.”

Whether we live to be 9, 29 or 99, I realized that regardless of how we live our lives, we will leave a legacy in one form or another.  Thank you to people like Walt and Margaret who have determined that their legacy will point people to Christ and last for eternity.  What an example they are for all of us.


AiG–UK sent these testimonies today:

Just to let you know that I was getting ready to go out to a school Assembly this morning when I received my mail with the latest Answers magazine included. I was greatly surprised and very much delighted to see the front cover and pullout dealing with Noah's flood, the very story I had prepared to tell the children. I took the pullout with me and the teachers have agreed to pass it around the various classes to let the children look at it first hand.  I thought to myself that God is so good and this material will really bring the reality of the story home to the boys and girls
I had a telephone conversation with one of our supporters this morning. She has four young children under the age of 10 years.  She told me two encouraging stories about Answers magazine.  I hope they will encourage you too. Last week a fairly new Christian who has recently started to attend her church visited and spent a long time reading the latest Answers magazine.  When she had finished she said, "It is very rare you see a magazine with so many relevant articles". The second story thrilled me.  Her eldest two children (who are home schooled) and are both under ten years old read with relish the story of the placenta in the January issue of Answers magazine.  It made a huge impression on them and the rest of the family.
I have enclosed a photograph of some of the lobby exhibits as they are being completed.

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