"Global warming" helps AiG?

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I’ve heard a lot about global warming on the television as reporters and meteorologists discuss what they call the USA’s "wacky weather" this year. Regardless of whether there is or is not global warming (and by the way, there is an excellent article on Global Warming in the second issue of ANSWERS magazine), there is no doubt the warmer weather has helped staff and contractors at AiG do more outside than they expected this time of year. However, with the warm weather has been a LOT of rain, so that causes some problem in regard to getting the parking lot finished. At least we don’t have to put up with all the COLD weather and the enormous amounts of snow they are getting in Colorado this year (these people must think there’s another ice age underway!)

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Today I’ve enclosed two photographs: 1. This is the "holding area" outside the consummation theater; 2: A content meeting with some of the Design team, researchers and script writers as they discuss various issues in regard to the Creation Museum construction.


From a thrilled subscriber to ANSWERS Magazine:

Your new Answers magazine is very good. The January-March 2007 issue was particularly good. Our entire family is reading that issue and have been trying to get to it first! We were very impressed with the variety of topics, especially the Equal Value of Life section. I really like the way you have everything from scientific to social to historical articles. It's wonderful! The quality of each article is superb. The Kids' section is well-loved by my 10-year old. It is fun to hear discussions of your magazine at the dinner table. Keep up the good work!!”

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Here is a neat story from Dr. David Crandall—God certainly works in mysterious ways:

I had a great reception at the Mission Conference in Indianapolis! I did a workshop on Creation Evangelism. A man came by the booth and wanted a case of the new books (Evolution Exposed) for public school kids, found out how much it was and found he could not afford it. He felt really badly. That afternoon and evening the hot water in their hotel would not work and the hotel could not get it fixed. So the next morning the hotel refunded him for that days room and it was enough money to buy the case of books. He was thrilled that God had answered his prayer.

On Monday I meet with a reporter from the Reuters news agency (I will answer questions and give the reporter a tour through the Museum) and then fly to Texas for a Christian leaders meeting.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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