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Before I left for Texas today, a reporter with Reuters interviewed both Mark Looy and myself. I gave the reporter a tour through the Creation Museum under construction and explained in more detail the message we will be proclaiming through this facility. I’m not sure what she thought of our message, though she seemed impressed with the quality/professionalism of the exhibits. It will be interesting to see the article that comes out of this visit.


A report in the Shreveport times stated:

Science and religion no longer are conflicting ideas for two local physicians. They prefer to battle science with science. Through the Christian group Reasons to Believe, they have found a way to reconcile science, religion and Scripture.

Further on in the article we read:

That theory, sometimes called "young-Earth creationism," is prominently supported by the group Answers in Genesis, which has made several presentations at local churches. It supports a strict reading of the Bible to the exclusion of outside sources and concludes that the earth was created in seven 24-hour days about 6,000 to 10,000 years ago.

These two physicians have become enamored by the writings of Progressive Creationist Hugh Ross. However, the real problem that they won’t deal with is in the paragraph above where they say Answers in Genesis “supports a strict reading of the Bible to the exclusion of outside sources….” [emphasis mine]. The point we make over and over again is that Scripture does not teach a millions of years old earth, and the ‘strict reading’, taking Scripture by itself, does teach a young earth and creation in six days (as these doctors seem to be admitting by their phrase ‘strict reading.’) As soon as one takes man’s fallible interpretation of the past and uses it to reinterpret the Bible, then the Bible’s authority has been undermined! Sadly, these two doctors are trying to teach the church to accept man’s fallible interpretations about the age of the earth and reject the CLEAR teaching of taking a ‘strict reading’ (taking it literally, at face value) of Genesis.

You can read the entire article at: The Shreveport Times


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I have enclosed two pictures of the Creation Museum Chapel that is being constructed to look like a 1st century synagogue. People will go into the Chapel after they attend the program in the Consummation Theater that outlines clearly the gospel message based in the history they walked through in the Creation Walk (the history in Genesis concerning creation, the Fall etc). One photograph is of the entrance to the chapel, the other is taken from inside.

Today I flew to Texas (Beaumont—east of Houston) to speak at a Christian Leader’s meeting as a lead up to the upcoming AiG conference. I fly back home on Tuesday.

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