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Two of our staff left Friday to attend an international conference. They were booked to fly from Cincinnati to Newark and then connect to an international flight. Dale Mason (VP of Media and Marketing) sent this report from the Cincinnati airport—which is why we ask you to pray for all those AiG staff as they travel:

Well, so far we've been on two different Comair jets and we're still at the Cincinnati airport. The first flight boarded and sealed, and I nodded off (I actually got zero sleep last night and I'm dead on my feet...err...seat) and then the pilot announced that due to a water leak in the ceiling through the electric circuitry (I could actually watch the rainwater drip from the roof seam above the center aisle!) we needed to deplane, return to the waiting area and board a new jet as soon as they got it ready. Once Comair jet #2 arrived we boarded, sealed, took off, flew for a bit, then the pilot came on again and said that due to a problem with the nose gear (that's reassuring!) we'd have to return to Cincinnati. Anyway, we prayed, landed, deplaned, got free meal vouchers and flight savings coupons good for $50 off our next Comair flight. Dan and I boarded ANOTHER Comair jet (#3!), and right now we're just sitting here, still in Cincinnati with the door unsealed. Gotta go, because I have to watch the ceiling seam for water and listen for any pilot chatter about landing gear irregularities!!


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The Biblical Authority Room at the Creation Museum is beginning to take shape—see attached photograph. This room will include life size models of a number of the Patriarchs (and one of Paul in jail writing one of his letters), a working model of the Gutenberg Press, Martin Luther (life size) nailing his theses on the door of the church in the exhibit on the Reformation, a 3D exhibit on the Scopes trial with a video including remarkable old film footage of the actual trial, an exhibit on Charles Templeton the evangelist who rejected the Bible because of millions of years/evolution, a display of ancient manuscripts/Bibles, as well as other items. This will be a phenomenal room.

I have also enclosed a photograph of a small part of the Babylon room (the fourth “C”--Confusion) as it is being constructed.


A blog reader sent the following, but you need to understand what ‘tonsure’ means. Look it up in Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tonsure) then look at Mark Looy’s head (yesterday's blog) and I’m sure you will get the connection!!!

After reading "Mark Looy -A Priest?" I just wanted to say maybe it's his tonsure? ;-) Or perhaps its the fact that in German the words Priest and Pastor are very closely related. The former ,"Priester," means priest, while the latter, "Pferrer," means driver. Keep living holy lives, and expect more people to mistake you!

Yes—you are right—the original in the German we found out means a "clergyman"—but the person who translated it for the news item used "Priest."

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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