AiG's Mark Looy is now a "priest?"

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010507_1.jpgIt was rather humorous to read an English translation summarizing a German article on the Creation Museum. The news item stated:

Olivia Schoeller visits the USA's first Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, set up by the deeply religious priest Mark Looy. "A group of life-sized figures are gleaming in the spotlight. A human child in a linen dress plays in knee-high grass between dinosaurs. In the background, the Tyrannosaurus holds up his extraordinary jaw. When Mark Looy pushes another button, the Tyrannosaurus tips his head to and fro and begins to graze. Tyrannosaurus – a vegetarian?"

One of our graphic artists at AiG read this article and then sent me this doctored photograph of Mark Looy (see attached). Articles like this one certainly help to lighten up our day!

The news item came from: A number of weeks ago, reporters for the German publication came to AiG and interviewed Mark Looy and others about the Creation Museum.


This one will touch your hearts:

My daughter is entering a writing contest for grade school age students. She is in 5th grade. The contest was to make up a new holiday. I was so happy when my daughter thought we should have a Creation Day. Your ministry has had a huge impact on my life and making sense of what the Bible teaches about creation and the false ideas pushed by the secular science world and the media. The impact and excitement I feel has obviously reached my children as well. We are Creation Museum Members and love the Answers Magazine and want to thank you for your ministry. I have copied her essay below since I could not attached the original Word Document.

CREATION DAY Every year people world-wide should celebrate Creation Day, a day of joy and peace. Everyone would praise Jesus Christ, the Savior. We would rejoice and worship Him, our almighty maker. Creation Day would be on Sunday May 6th. What a day it would be!

Creation day would begin at churches, where creation and Gods love for people would be preached. Maybe your life is not as fortunate as others, but everyone is here for His purpose. Maybe your life is not going the way you want it to go, but just think: God does not let anything happen without a purpose. The Bible says in Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans to prosper and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future."

People would attend church not just in the morning, but at night. In the morning the sermon would be about how God created everything from the sun and stars, to nature, to you and me. The amazing miracle of creation would be explained.

The church service at night would be a little different. There would be Bible study for adults, youth group for kids age twelve to seventeen, Awana for children age three to eleven, and nursery for one month to toddlers. It would be great to reflect on everything everyone learned and how they spent their day praising God.

That would be my holiday and how it would be celebrated. I know it would be the BEST holiday ever and God would be very pleased if there was such a holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

This weekend I will be preparing to travel to Texas for a Christian Leaders meeting—this is a lead up to a major AiG conference. As I’ve had a break from speaking, I’ll have to gear myself up for this! For further information on the upcoming conference in Texas, go to our events page.

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