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One of the most prominent conservative Christian leaders and statesmen in America today is Dr. D. James Kennedy from Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale. I have preached at Dr. Kennedy’s church a number of times, and he is the honorary chairperson for the Creation Museum. He is probably most well known for his Evangelism Explosion ministry that has reached around the world and been used by the Lord to save many thousands of people.

Recently Dr. Kennedy (at 75 years of age) had a serious heart attack. Please pray for Dr Kennedy, for his family and the church and ministry that he oversees.

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As we begin a new year, I thought it would be good for you to read this testimony we received this week that really sums up the importance of the AiG ministry:

Just wanted to tell Ken Ham and all (at AiG) how deeply my husband and I appreciate this particular edition of your wonderful [Answers] magazine, and especially this "wake-up call" article! From my own personal testimony of the wonderful grace of God in my own life, I can tell you it matters greatly what young people are taught and what they observe in the home, church and school. I was one of those who at 18 years of age decided I would never darken a church door again! I remember a pivotal turning point in my life as a 9th grader when my science teacher began adamantly teaching us in my public school classroom about the "origin of man"--Darwinian evolution! I was so upset by this, having been raised in the church, that I went home and asked my father about it. His response was one of sort of neutrality, like God COULD have used the evolution process to "evolve" all of creation, including mankind.

Ken, this was back in 1959!!! I will never forget that moment! My dad was a Christian, but had begun to be duped through this unBiblical thinking that had, unfortunately, permeated the theological thinking of our seminaries at that time which, of course, filtered down through most of the churches (Southern Baptists). The Lord, by His sovereign grace and love, miraculously brought me back to the Truth in Jesus Christ back in 1967 after years of worldly rebellion. I have walked with the Lord as the songwriter says "through many dangers, toils and snares" since then. Because of the unGodly, unBiblical teaching in the schools and many times in the church, the Lord convicted my husband and I many years ago to school our sons at home for the primary purpose of reading and studying God's Holy Word together beginning with Genesis, so they would not be deceived by the philosophies of men! Praise God! Our son… knows and loves the Lord and graduated from our state university with a BS in meteorology and is working with over 500 young people at a Christian youth camp where he also teaches physical science and other subjects to a large "homeschool" class! Our [other] son… knows and loves the Lord and is greatly gifted in music (classical piano). He is studying for his masters in NYC where he is being used of the Lord in the musical arts world.

Because of our firm conviction of the tremendous importance of building on the firm foundation of believing and knowing God's Holy Word from "the very first verse", my husband…was privileged to have organized an AiG conference at our local church here in NC this past year…Believe me, it has made a big impact on our church and community! Thank you all so very, very much for this much needed ministry to the world--especially the children! Can't wait for the museum to open!!!


Purgola-12-27-06-006.jpg I’ve included a photograph of the construction of a Pergola that is underway in the landscaping exhibit—so many construction projects are underway at the creation museum!

I encourage you all to read Mike Zovath’s update report (Mike is the VP in charge of the Museum Project) on the latest happenings at the Creation Museum. Go to the Museum blog.

I trust you have a great new year!

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