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One of our supporters (Michael Foster) animated one of my podcasts. He sent us the note below with the link to the animation and permission to let you see it on my BLOG. I thought it was excellent—I wish we could do all the podcasts like this! See what you think!

I really enjoy your podcasts. I'm also a new subcriber to Answers Magazine and am looking forward to getting my first issue. I'm a cartoonist and I put together an animation based upon one of Ken Ham's podcasts. I simply wanted to share it with everyone at Answers In Genesis.

Have you ever considered doing a video podcast, perhaps animated for younger people?

Actually, we are contacting Michael to see what else he can do for AiG!


Here are just a couple of the continuous stream of rave reviews about ANSWERS magazine we are receiving at the office:

I was perusing the latest issue over coffee this morning. WOW! This is ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE of improvement... I especially like the broad range of technicality, from kid level to near tech-journal level (for physics/engineering types like me and my friends). Something to share with everyone.

I saw your advertisement for Answers magazine. The children's part interested me also for my 10 year old daughter. I had been so disgusted with her Ranger Rick magazines that push evolution on young minds (and I will no longer be subscribing to). So, I ordered Answers, hesitantly, hoping not to be disappointed... When I received the Fall issue I was so satisfied with it. Amazed at how many different topics are covered in just one issue. The kid's section of that particular one gave me goose bumps when I opened the nativity scene page with all the angels in the field over the shepherds. It is easy to read, interesting to read and very diverse. It is like sitting down to a gourmet meal and stuffing your face!

I like that last comment—Answers magazine is "like sitting down to a gourmet meal…"

Well—Monday is a holiday—New Years Day—the start of the year the Creation Museum opens its doors to the public!!

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying


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