12-Year-Old Comments on Answers Magazine

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It is always thrilling to receive feedback from young people:

Your magazine is wonderful! It just has so many answers! In the previous magazine [2.1], I especially liked the short article, “Not Just Horsin’ Around.” I love horses! It really is quite upsetting hearing in so many books today that, “horses evolved millions of years ago” and so on. I would suggest writing another article about horses, showing what evolutionists believe about horses, and what creationists have to say about why this is not so. Thank you so much for your wonderful magazine that is sure to provide people from across the nation with all kinds of answers! P.S. God bless you, Mr. Ken Ham and everyone on the AiG staff!
E.K., Age 12, Ohio.

Well, most of the staff are back in the office today (Tuesday) as we start another busy year of ministry—and of course gear up for the opening of the Creation Museum at the end of May. We will also be busy opening mail and processing end of year donations. As you know, we need a total of $27 million to finish the Creation Museum and open debt free as we have promised to do. We are praying that the Lord will continue to bless and provide the funds so we can do just that! Thank you for participating with us!

Please pray for all the staff as they catch up on work and begin the 2007 ministry year.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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