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The "Riddle" of creation in the Bahamas

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Recently, AiG speaker Mike Riddle and his wife Lesley had the opportunity to go to the Bahamas where Mike spoke to thousands of students. What a phenomenal response. Lesley provided this special report of Mike’s recent speaking tour (The pictures were too small to enlarge—the thumbnails are all that are available):

What a difference 179 miles can make! Last week Mike and I had the privilege of spending a week in Nassau, Bahamas. We were sponsored by Grace Community Church and treated like royalty. They arranged for Mike to speak to thousands of high school students, from Christian and public schools over 4 days. What was the difference? Mike was allowed to teach these students the truth of the creation account in the Bible for over an hour and to offer an invitation to commit their lives to Jesus! After one session over 50 students came forward to give their life to Jesus and learn more. If he had done that in Miami, less than 200 miles away, he may have been arrested! Here are some pictures of students with their free copy of War of the Worldviews book that was provided by a very generous AiG supporter.

102206_1.jpg 102206_2.jpg 102206_3.jpg

Mike also spoke each evening at the church. The people were hungry to learn more about defending their faith. We want to thank Pastor Lyall Bethel and the rest of the staff for standing firm on the authority of Scripture and for all the work in planning this successful event.

102206_4.jpg 102206_5.jpg

New Port Richey, Florida

From the Bahamas we went to First Baptist Church, New Port Richey, FL. Mike got to speak 10 times in 2 days. Each session was a different topic and very well attended. Once again, we were blessed to be in a Bible-believing church that does not compromise God’s Word. After one of the sessions a gentleman approached Mike and stated that he came to the conference as a believer in an old earth, but after hearing the evidence from carbon-14 he switched to a belief in a young earth.

102206_6.jpg 102206_7.jpg 102206_8.jpg

A personal testimony “My family so appreciates that you came to New Port Richey, FL to speak. Every chance we get, when we hear that AIG is in town, we make a special effort to be there. My husband and I love listening to how good God is and that his word can be trusted. That is the goal and principle of our home and our homeschool. Our three children, 11, 8, and 6 are just bursting with information after listening to you. And I think God has given them an appreciation all their own for you and the ministry of AIG. In fact, in the middle of one of your talks, my daughter leaned over and whispered to me, ‘Mom, I'm so glad you believe in creation’. Now that's something this Christian mom will treasure in her heart for a long time!”

H. F. New Port Richey

Lesley Riddle

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying. Ken

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