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Carl Kerby received an exciting testimony after a recent speaking engagement. You will be excited too as you read this:

There’s a new kid in our youth group…He’s pretty quiet...he sits in my Sunday School room each and every week for the past 4 weeks with his open Bible in his hand with a fixed gaze on that which is being spoken about. He will not be moved under any circumstances. The date is Sunday, October 1st (the Sunday after you visited) and I decided we’d take a break from our study of the Book of Acts and have something I like to call “Open Forum.” I’ll take questions from the floor about anything/everything, and will then proceed to lead a discussion on it from a biblical perspective.

Another kid who has been “churched” for his whole life raises his hand and humbly says, “Something I always run into with my friends at school is the question of where God came from and who created Him. I know He wasn’t created by anyone and that He always ex[is]ted, but I can’t put it into words. How do you answer this?” Carl, before I even had a [chance to answer], this new kid raises his hand and he’s waving around one of the booklets you gave out entitled Is there really a God? He’s got it opened to page 31 and is just chomping at the bit for me to read it. So get the picture--some new kid, …only one in his family even remotely interested in anything Gospel-centered – he’s been equipped to answer the question that was asked by “Joe Church,” and all because of the way God used your presentation, the resources you brought, and the confidence you showed in what you said. It’s not because God and the Bible are fluffy and fuzzy.

It’s because we served the God of answers regarding everything that pertains to life and godliness (cf. 2 Peter 1:3) Of all the positive feedback I received about your presentation to our kids, I think this is probably the one that spoke the loudest to me, so I share that with you to encourage you in the work that you do. Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to our kids here. Like I said a thousand other times…the effect I see it having on our young people is more than I could’ve asked for.


I have enclosed a photograph of the AiG board of directors as they met this past week. On Monday, before he left to go back to Wyoming, Pastor Don Landis (AiG board chairman) gave a special devotion to the staff. I would encourage you all to listen to his presentation!


A great message left on our voicemail recently:

I’m an optometrist … and I just got my copy of the October/December issue of the magazine. Let me just tell you this magazine was the best one I’ve ever seen. There is so much stuff in this magazine and I’ve read it cover to cover. I usually read the magazine but this one was especially excellent and had a lot of good information. I’ve just got to commend you to keep up the good work … your magazine is an inspiration.

If you haven’t subscribed yet, why not do it now—or send a gift subscription to someone for Christmas.

102306_1.jpg We praise the Lord for our Creation Museum fundraising event this past Saturday. I’ve included a photograph of some of those who attended who also went for a tour of Cincinnati on the Friday before.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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